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Tassit are a 6-piece Post-Hardcore/Metalcore band from the rural county of Lincolnshire (that's in England by the way). Whilst most teenagers spend their free time drinking in the streets, terrorising neighbourhoods and generally giving people a reason to buy newspapers, Tassit instead decide to focus their energy on what they love most: music.

Metal music to be precise.

Tassit began many years ago in the humble market town of Spilsby when Max, Ross and Kieran had a mutual vision of becoming rockstars. These baby-faced virtuosos were fortunate enough to be able to use their local youth centre as a place for musical exploration. From this nucleus the band have gathered stray electrons which have come and gone, and some which have formed strong bonds. Tassit's music has evolved over the years, starting with hard rock covers, progressing through punk and becoming heavier with time. They have currently settled for a generic hardcore style which seems to be all the rage lately. They'll probably change their mind when another genre becomes more popular.

Initially the band had a traditional heavy metal lineup, until recently when they decided to add a second vocalist (who was originally their roadie) to the group. His talent was discovered by accident when the other members visited Matthew's house and they could hear him singing beautifully in the bath. An opportunity was seen and he swiftly became a full-time member of the band. At first both vocalists had a similar style to fit with the brutal nature of their songs, but the two voices have since become more polarised. This provides greater diversity to their music as Luke's harsh screams are contrasted by Matthews velvety tones, although he can give a good death roar here and there.

Tassit currently consists of:

Luke "Cookie Monster" Maxwell: Vocals/Screams
Matthew "Chef" Stevens: Vocals/Singing
Max "Doesn't Have A Nickname" Dawson: Guitars
Chris "Suffering Succotash" Sylvester: Guitars
Kieran "Kiwi" Broadbridge: Bass
Ross "Jackhammer" Blair: Drums/Piano/Xylophone/Timpani/Programming/Cow Bell/General Hilarity

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