• Taskless Sheep - Meadow Mayhem

    23 Apr 2009, 19:02 by Szaladin

    There is a group of three very talented and cool musician making very nice music. They call themselves "Taskless Sheep" and release their music under the creative commons license.
    Their first real album is "Meadow Mayhem". Nineteen (!) songs.
    Taskless Sheep is (as said above) a group of three musicians, making music without any real commercial reason. You can download the album on their homepage or right here on

    If you want to do it the easy way, you can describe them as "alternative".

    The dominating instruments are acoustic, electric and bass guitars, drums and some keys. There is even some instrumental fun on this album!

    As expected, the music has a dark, depressing flair. Filled with ironic verses, feverish dreams, death, rebirth, love, hate, war, isolation, Taskless Sheep provide a wide spectrum of topics in their songs.
    But - typical for their music - is not a point that goes on the "pro" list: It is heavy, dark and (often) rather cynic music. …