• Big Yum Yum: secret Gary Cooper side project?

    24 Jul 2007, 22:42 by talking_animal

    In the 1957 movie Love in the Afternoon, Gary Cooper has this four-piece Gypsy orchestra (I would say Band of Gypsys, but that is a reference that leads in a different, yet equally fulfilling, direction from the one in which I'm going) that he keeps on retainer to play live music while he woos an interchangeable sweetheart in his Paris hotel suite. (Maurice Chevalier plays a detective who blames Cooper for seducing about 99 44/100ths of the respectable-wife population of Paris; turnabout is fair play when his daughter Audrey Hepburn gets involved with Cooper.)

    The band, with a hammer-dulcimer, a guitar, an accordion, and a violinist, plays the same repertory every night for Gary Cooper; neither the music nor the seductive approach ever changes. That repertory consists of these Gypsy-sounding arrangements of standard pop tunes.

    The idea that I could banter flirtatiously with girls like Audrey Hepburn in a deluxe hotel to the romantic soundtrack of a real live Gypsy four-piece…