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There are at least 2 artists with the name Tamerlan:

1. A Dark Ambient project from Serbia.

2. A black metal band from Sydney, Australia (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tamerlan/218690188156311)

The journey of Tamerlan has officially begun in the year of 2006, after searching for the artist’s own musical identity and the way of communicating with the vast worlds surrounding all of us. Many musical involvements and learning of the artist has given him an opportunity to choose the ethereal dark ambient style as his starting point to present his emotions and materialize his visions. The first step and this initial style was shown with the first demo which was released coincidentally on the birthday of the historic figure of Tamerlan, the great Uzbek war leader.

In spite of poor sound quality, this demo drew a positive reaction from audience in Serbia, where this project is currently located, and some listeners from around the world. Since than, the exploration continues, and the music itself gets more and more life. The style gets richer with other instruments like classical and acoustic guitars, lutes, oud, and other ethnic instruments. The music becomes deeper and more complex taking into it also some folk elements from ancient Slavic and Asian tradition (the regions from which Tamerlan draws his origins).

The year 2007 marks the release of the EP called Full Moon Festival, which was published by Serbian label DR/Insurrection Records. The same label releases the first full length album entitled The Antiexistence one year later. They were recorded by Stanko Milosavljevic, who since than works as the official producer and sound engineer (and also as a session musician during live performances) for Tamerlan. Both of these releases draw very positive reactions, and even present the artist with the possibilities of live performance, for which he gathers session musicians to help him present his works on stage.

In the next period of time, Tamerlan continues exploring and enriching his soundscapes, performing occasionally and appearing on several compilation. The communications spread out to the whole world, and in the year 2009 The Antiexistence is re-released for the Ekleipsi Netlabel from Italy. During the same year the work on the second album begins, and it is the perfect example of the language to which Tamerlan came after searching and exploring the sounds, the worlds, the minds and everything else allowing to be explored. The slow and minimalist soundscapes gave way to more ritualistic, rhythmical and overall more evocative melodies. During this time, the label Quartier23 located in Germany gives an opportunity to Tamerlan’s music, which results in cooperation and friendship.

The year 2010 is of huge importance to the project. First of all, the second album called Gemini – Worlds of Eternal Creation presents the new style of Tamerlan in it’s new form and gets more and more positive reaction from both listeners and fellow musicians all over the world. During this year, Tamerlan had an opportunity to perform on the Exit festival, which is the biggest international music festival in Serbia, and several months later open for the biggest Romanian metal group Negura Bunget.

The New Year brings new plans and the new opportunities. First of all the fifth year of existence for Tamerlan as musical project will be celebrated by EP called Koyunbaba, with the artist’s interpretation of this classical guitar suite written by Carlo Domeniconi (also released by Quartier23). The rest of the history for this project is ahead. Hopefully spread through the years and decades ahead (and even more, if necessary). So, if that got you curious, stay in touch with this project and it’s music… and see where it will go. You are always welcome to go along.

…and remember:
Create… Evolve with the universe through music and art… communicate with this world, and all the others. Art is the language for such communication. Create, and be created.

Tamerlan is the moniker of Timur Iskandarov, an artist who draws his roots from both Russia and Uzbekistan. He has started this project in the year 2006 while living in Serbia where he moved with his family in the year 1994.

The instruments used by Tamerlan: Classical and acoustic guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, lute, oud, saz, rhythmical and melodic arrangements…


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