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    16 Oct 2012, 23:24 by hauzzer

  • Concert's Week

    16 Sep 2006, 08:10 by sixstone

    This week is being a weird week. At the end of the week, three concerts I will have seen live. Dikers, Tako and Los Gandules, the first one is a typical band singing in Spanish. It impressed me a lot, the crowd was singing the songs along the band, it is needless to say that they're sixteens...

    Tako is a veteran band from my region which plays Spanish hard rock. It was OK, but nothing special. For me it sounds repetitive and as if I've known before.

    Finally, Los Gandules is a very very awkward band. They play in pyjamas!!! Seriously, their lyrics are totally humours, they have to be listened to just to have fun and forget your bad vibes at home.

    P.D.: I think it's high time to change my photo...