• sakurakou K-On bu / HTT & Cast Artist Corrections

    9 Aug 2013, 00:07 by tinosoft89

    The correct names for 桜高軽音部 / 放課後ティータイム / 豊崎愛生 / 日笠陽子 / 佐藤聡美 / 寿美菜子 / 竹達彩奈 are notoriously messy, with over 1000 entries missnamed! (Scarily, quite a few have a los of listeners!)

    Fortunately for us, Last.fm user c4t2007 has created an awesome solution to allow you to submit of a large batch of name corrections in just TWO easy steps!

    - Create a new bookmark and instead of a website address, copy and paste the following code:
    javascript:(function(){if(document.location.hostname.match(/^(www.)*last(fm)?.[a-z]{2}$/)==null){alert("Please run this on \"www.last.fm\";;, not \""+document.location.hostname+"\".");}document.CTBAV=function CTBAV(){jQuery("#CTBAV textarea, #CTBAV input").attr("disabled","disabled");jQuery("#CTBAV input").css("color","grey");var b=/"ParentResource",\s*{"id":"(.*?)"/;var h=/"formtoken":\s*"(.*?)"/;function d(i){jQuery("#CTBAV_log"). …