• Faster Pussycat @ Downtown Brew in San Luis Obispo, CA

    24 Aug 2006, 08:18 by jewofunk

    So tonight I went to see Faster Pussycat headline the local rock club, Downtown Brew. Opening for them was supposed to be Adler's Appetite and Bang Tango, but for some reason or another, neither could make it, so instead we got this terrible nucore band called Dawnwater, Dustwater, or something equally lame, I truthfully don't know.

    Faster Pussycat did a pretty good job despite their current trend musically. They played more new songs than old, but they managed to sex up the new songs a bit, enough to rock. Taime Downe looks like he's packed on a few pounds. The band was pretty tight and changing the lyrics to Cathouse to read "just got back from the best whorehouse in town" was expected.

    They put on an excellent show despite Downtown Brew being the worst rock establishment ever. Fucking bastards wouldn't let anyone under 21 go past past this certain point, which meant I couldn't go to the front of the stage. Absolutely terrible.