• Who are the Synchromystickz

    30 Oct 2007, 13:32 by kevthepoet


    City-side shamans firing Conscious Jungle, the deepest Conscious Dub-Step, the funkiest Conscious Hip-Hop, poetry and conscious evolution from shamanic bards...
    As well as putting positive affirmations with exquisite flows and intricate rhyming patterns on a variety of breakbeats the Synchromystickz are each individually known for the promotion of conscious evolution, handing out superfoods for free at festivals and community events, spreading ancient wisdom through a variety of formats, taking part in direct action, taking part in indirect action and organising everything from acoustic events to squat parties.

    Benshaman Tree - Revolution cause these are the times of Revelation... and we are the Rebel Nation
    "Know Thyself, Love Thyself, Share Thy Love "
    I is a bless'ed mystical traveller, consciousness unraveler, mindstate elevator, eyes wide open meditator, multidimensional mediator. I Love life and feel truely humbled by the magnifesticance of Creation. …