• My CD Collection

    29 Dec 2011, 11:14 by ColdWinternight

    I used to have a list of my collection on my old account, but I haven't updated it in a while. So I'll make a new list here.
    And as you might have noticed I collect Female Fronted Metal CDs :D So if you know of some album or band that would fit in my collection feel free to leave me a shout. I'm always looking for new stuff.

    Last Update: 03.01.2013

    Ring Ring (Re-Release 2001)
    Waterloo (Re-Release 2001)
    The Album (Re-Release 2001)
    Voulez-Vous (Re-Release 2001)
    Super Trouper (Re-Release 2001)
    Super Trouper (Re-Release 2011, CD+DVD, Digipack)
    The Visitors (Re-Release 2001)
    4 CD Boxset including Ring Ring, Waterloo, ABBA and Arrival (Re-Release 2010)

    After Forever
    Prison of Desire (Re-Release 2008, 2CD)
    Deceipher (Re-Release 2012, 2CD Digipack)
    After Forever (2007, Digibook)

    All Ends
    All Ends (2008, CD+DVD, Digisleeve)
    A Road To Depression (2010, Digipack)

    Amaranthe (2011)
    The Nexus (2013)

    Imprisoned (2007)

    Fate of a Dreamer (Re-Release 2012, 2CD Digipack)
  • FFM

    26 Dec 2010, 23:34 by LiMoFro

  • The Metal Museum - 20 Géneros en 20 discos

    12 Feb 2009, 07:23 by Doomwarrior

    Bueno sera la primera vez que hago un aporte de esta magnitud acá y espero sea de su agrado para aquellos que por casualidad se topen con mi cuenta.

    Esta es una compilación de varios grupos clasificándolos según genero y aunque en algunos discos faltaron representativos del genero, no deja de ser muy bueno ya que nos da a conocer una muestra de otras bandas metaleras del genero que tocan. Seguro gustara a los metaleros que estamos presente acá, también este aporte puede servir a los que están iniciándose para conocer un poco mas del metal y sus diferentes ramas.

    Por motivos de seguridad le aplique contraseñan a los discos y es la siguiente: darktemplar

    The Metal Museum: 20 volumenes - 20 generos - 20 discos:

    Disco 1: Power Metal
    Volume 1: «The Metal Museum vol1 - Power Metal» (2006)


    01 - Labyrinth - Lady Lost In Time
    02 - Valhalla - Xxx
  • Female Fronted Metal bands

    9 Sep 2006, 07:27 by Anne13

    I've started this again! From now on, I will try to keep up with your recommendations :).
    I made a list of metal bands with a clean female lead-singer.What there may be:
    -female clean vocals
    -male growls
    -male clean vocals
    -female growls
    What there may not be:
    -mostly female growls (so the biggest part should be clean female vocals)
    Of course, not all bands may be considered metal. However, I will decide whether I think something belongs on this list or not. This list is meant for anyone interested in the genre and some bands may be interesting to them. Like, for example, The Birthday Massacre. They're not metal, but it is interesting to those into ffmetal.

    Searching for bands to start with?
    For those of you that want to explore new genres or kinds, I made some bands bold. Those bands are rather good to start with. Also, you might want to check out the following compilation cd's:
    -Great Female Power
    -Into Temptation (The best of gothic rock)
    -Gothic Melancholy
    -Gothic Spirits