• One Metal Band's Journey - Habit of Force

    30 Mar 2010, 04:43 by USBallistics

    L-R Junior (Bass), Jason (Drums) and Bigtruck (Vocals/Guitar)

    There is a 3-piece metal band from Joliet, Illinois that has a very bright future ahead of them. "Habit of Force" is their name and is lead by a very special artist. I am fortunate enough to not only know him, he's also one of my best friends. His name is Rich Collins. On stage he goes by Bigtruck. Standing at 6'5" tall, you can see how he got the name. One thing more domineering than his real life presence, is his music. Each member of this trio are talented musicians in their own right. The bass player's name is Alex aka "Junior" and the drummer is Jason aka "Cannonfeet".

    Rich "Bigtruck" Collins - Frontman for Habit of Force

    As I write this, I am talking to Bigtruck in online chat. There are so many times that he messages me with tantalizing goodies, like his progress on the next album. …