• Playlists are Time Capsules

    20 Jul 2012, 16:40 by dinillusjon

    I was cleaning out my coat closet when I came across some playlists burned onto CDs that I made in college. Funny how playlists will take you back in time. I used to spend so much time immersed in music, constructing lists that could get me through whatever was going on. I remember these four playlists were a series that was therapeutic for me. It's interesting for me to reflect on them now.

    I. The October Sun and November Moon

    1) Over My Head (Cable Car) - The Fray
    never thought that you wanted to bring it down / i won't let it go down till we torch it ourselves

    2) How's It Gonna Be – Third Eye Blind
    when i say out loud / i want to get out of this / i wonder / is there anything I'm going to miss / i wonder / how it's going to be / when you don't know me

    3) Are You Happy Now? – Michelle Branch
    now, don’t just walk away / pretending everything’s okay / and you don’t care about me / and i know there’s just no use / when all your lies become your truths and i don’t care

  • Summer Days / Summer Nights Mixtape Vol. 5 : High School Jams

    8 Jun 2011, 05:44 by liltimmeo

  • Top 5 of my top 10

    10 Mar 2009, 20:43 by makomo

  • Too much California music can affect your health!

    27 Aug 2008, 18:59 by c-rebehn

    For all day now, I've been listening to songs about/from California, mostly the ones eekgeekface once sent me, plus the ones everyone knows and the ones I always had just because.
    So well, staring at the screen all day, including Google Earth distances to LAX for the AI flightplan for the Flight Simulator I'm working on right now, and listening to that music, you get somehow carried away. And when I look out now and see the grey, dark, rainy sky, I know I'm at home. And it makes me sad. I would be sad without the music anyway, but it makes me feel like the moment of getting ripped out of this enviroment has just been. You could say it keeps me close to the memories. You could also say it keeps the wounds open, not letting them scar. Open wounds hurt, and they could get infected and get worse, as we all know.
    It's only been ten days since I left L.A. but it feels like an eternity. On one side, I don't want to let go of it, to accept that it's over and will drift further and further away…
  • Updated top 25 albums

    11 Apr 2007, 15:24 by dammit87

    I was bored so I re-did my top 25 albums.

    01. The Used
    - Plays: 2,264
    - Favorite track: Noise and Kisses
    - Least favorite track: Maybe Memories
    - Ranking on overall artists: 1

    02. In Love and Death
    - Plays: 1,842
    - Favorite track: I'm a Fake
    - Least favorite track: Listening (I've listened to it too many times)
    - Ranking on overall artists: 1

    03. Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge
    - Plays: 1,035
    - Favorite track: You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison
    - Least favorite track: The Ghost of You
    - Ranking on overall artists: 2

    04. The Same Old Blood Rush With A New Touch
    - Plays: 746
    - Favorite track: The Fourth Drink Instinct
    - Least favorite track: Lyrical Lies
    - Ranking on overall artists: 6

    05. Heartbreak in Stereo
    - Plays: 662
    - Favorite track: PS Don't Write
    - Least favorite track: The Secret Goldfish
    - Ranking on overall artists: 5

    06. Palm Trees and Power Lines
    - Plays: 591
    - Favorite track: Back to California
  • Lyrics Game #4

    18 Jun 2006, 05:26 by thoseguiltyeyes

    I should do a lyric game every week since I seem to like to do these far too much.

    Step 1: Put your iTunes or equivalent on random.
    Step 2: Post the second lines from the first 50 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.
    Step 3: Comment with song title and artist.
    Step 4: Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly.
    Step 5: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!


    1. Sat down but now I'm up again and finding out I'm alone.
    - The Only Song

    2. Just listen and try not to be some kind of self-righteous high being or the opposite and mislead me to better your mind unseen; this is a story of how we can be.

    3. I'm a thousand miles away but girl, tonight you look pretty.
    - Hey There Delilah

    4. Not even the worms can get as low as I get.
    - I Am The Doctor

    5. Read from the same damn books; never caught each other's looks, but one day the sun will shine, I know, for their eyes have told me so.
    - Rush Together

    6. I cared a little but you wouldn't believe.
  • ABCs of my music library...

    18 Jun 2006, 05:23 by andhearts418

  • unobtrusive sounds

    18 Jan 2006, 01:23 by flyorpretend

    tonight my music mood was all about 'unobtrusive sounds'.. indie plays heavily in that along with a few other genres that just felt right to listen to. i wasn't doing anything except chilling out in my room - i have it to myself for the evening which is unbelievably rare. but i've had a long (more productive than usual, but still pretty standard day. and i have to work dayshift tomorrow, ugh. i hate working in the morning. a few of my favorite tracks that i played tonight were
    Cannonball (one of my new favorite tracks)
    Root (i love her)
    Back to California
    As Tears Go By (the girl neeeeds a new album out!)
    A Long December

    now for sleep.....