• My 2008 Discoveries

    19 Jan 2009, 00:02 by maz35

    Out of boredom I have decided to list my musical discoveries of 2008. That is music I actually discovered and enjoyed in the year as opposed to music actually released in the year. I'm always late to the musical party

    My Body Is a Cage
    I'm a sucker for a slow build up followed by an sudden lift, Love it when the organ kicks in. Arcade Fire was without doubt my artist of the year. Special mentions also go to Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels), No Cars Go and In the Backseat though I pretty much liked nearly everything.

    Still True
    Already knew and liked Feist but wasn't aware of her early album. Enjoyed and listened to it a lot, particularly this track which may be close to my record for longest time left on repeat. Find it relaxing to listen to for some reason

    Most interesting discovery of the year had to be Stolen Babies with the rock cabaret stylings and alternation between singing and shouting of the singer. Thats probably best demonstrated by something like Tablescrap but…