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Levi & Sarah Glassrock (A.K.A) Stitchlip & Polka Dot are both well known for creating a non-scripted cartoon called Stitchlip's House. These kids dont just design Keds Shoes for a living now do they? For many years they have been doing a street promotion together, Pounding the Pavement to promote thier Abstract Cartoonistry. The music they make they want to share with the world for free! Now, thanks to Last F.M & Myspace, You can Download all of thier songs For Free, They dont mind at all, though They do hope that you might check out the rest of the house, so to say, This is Stitchlips House All Designs by Stitchlip and Polka Dot (A.K.A. Levi & Sarah Glassrock) yes ,with two mouses plugged in simultaneously, both duelling for control with an old school Atari dual control joystick the two were able to cleverly maneuver through the gauntlets of music production in the digital age to bring forth thier Epic Debut, "2010, A Myspace Odyssey", A three album series available for free downloads, exclusively on myspace, First Download Part One, "We are not Robots", Second, Download Part Two, "Microchirps", & Third, Download Part Three, "Audio Synergy" ! Dont forget to add them to your top friends category! Thier production work is something comparable to a house with many different rooms! & for each room, a myspace page and a Youtube video for that individual room!!! There is Fashion Available in the forms of Ked's shoes, Trucker Hats, & T-Shirts, They even design PRO Skateboards you can also buy poster size prints of Levi Glassrock's Legendary Debut, His Signature Series of Oil Pastels (C) (2000) and also the original Stitchlip's House Series (C) 2006 where Stitchlip & polka - Dot collaberated for the very first time! What is Stitchlip's House "It's a brand of clothing" It's an Independent Label for Artists's and Musicians, They are certainly not JUST graphic designers! They have successfully fused thier art with thier design work to attain true artistic integrity! Stitchlipshouse is a production vehicle for all of thier Art , Fashion, & Music, yet it is simply Stitchlip the cartoon cat's imaginary World. No! It's an unfilmed reality T.V. Show Next week if you would like it to be !!! If you love what you See or hear and would like to support these two crazy artist on thier trek toward the stars , just go to thier virtual Art gallery, their online store at http://www.zazzle.com/stitchlip* & Buy something unique for yourself that you cannot find in stores. Thier design work has been very popular with people of all ages in many different country's, This music is also meant to Thank all of the patrons for the love and support!!! Feel Free to leave Stitchlip & Polka - Dot some comments!!! favorite songs etc..They like any feedback whether it's negative or positive! and dont forget tell your friends if you think Stitchlips house like totally Rocks! (L.O.L!) Basically This is Some Theme Music for Stitchlip's House ! They hope you all enjoy this music & Art much as they do, It can truly be said that thier Heart's and soul's go into each & every note that you hear! Your continual Support over the upcoming years will be vital to them because they definitely need more musical equipment !!! They wish to Thank you so much for listening !!!!! They ARE interested in TOURING with a bigger band and signing with a label that can include a Van in the Deal THanks !!! They like independent Labels that allow for more creative control! Merge, Desoto, stones throw, def Jux, Thrill jockey ! Anti- con, epitaph? Sub pop ? Jade Tree? ("Just Sign Us" "We've been out of school for a while now") Stitchlip & PolKa-Dot"
Stitchlip & PolkaDot = http://www.myspace.com/stitchlipandpolkadot Stitchlip & d.J.Abis=
http://www.myspace.com/stitchlipthecartooncat He has not only endeavored to reproduce his signature series made with oil pastels, which over thirteen thousand are proudly hanging in people's homes all over the world, Levi started his pen and ink sketches in 2005, redoing the most popular sketches, finding a theme he has called " Stitchlip's House," the mascot of this world, a cartoon cat, known as Stitchlip.
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By the sheer good grace of god, and absolute proof that dreams do come true,
Now Levi is collaborating with his muse, an apprentice artist for which whom he has lovingly given the nickname, "Polka-Dot." The dynamic duo has also produced their very own print making process creating what they and their patrons refer to as " Drippy Prints." If your taking the time to read this then , please refer to the pics section of our myspace page to see an extensive portfolio of their work which also chronologically displays the many different styles and eras of the artist’s work which spans over 10 years, artist’s current motto ,( I’ve done what you want me to do, so now let me do what I want to do for you ! ) true artistic integrity, This style of collaboration is commonly used to create their studio Art & poster size pieces, which are the Soul trademark , intellectual property of the two artist at work.(BEWARE OF IMITATION LEVI G. STYLE ART, BOOTLEGGERS,COUNTERFEITERS,COPY CATS,BLACKMARKET ART HUSTLERS)!

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