• You Must Be Folkin'

    16 Apr 2009, 12:59 by melanopus

    Wed 15 Apr – You Must Be Folkin’ Night

    This was a pretty eclectic night. I can't comment on The Doomed Bird of Providence too much as I play in the band most of the time and will remain humble. Stillman did some pretty straight (but good) singer/songwriter tunes with the addition of a keyboard that he played with his feet. The keyboard was producing a kind of moog bass sound that reminded me a little of Robert Wyatt's stuff on Dondestan. But for me personally Flake Brown stole the show. He does these intricate but wildly played songs that seem to lean heavily towards Django Reinhardt but with very whimsical, witty, perhaps slightly unhinged lyrics. It did the trick for me. Really engaging stuff. It seemed like the whole thing was going to careen out of control any second but it was constantly entertaining. Brilliant.