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1) Stick Figures is a hip hop duo consisting of Prolyphic and Robust and released a self titled album on the Chicago-based independent record label Galapagos 4.

2) There is also an Australian techno/electronica group called Stick Figures, producing (in at least 2007) with the Future Classics label.

Prolyphic and Robust:

In a world overwhelmed with Las Vegas-like neon and more glitter than gold, the Stick Figures hardly find it surprising that a lot of the underground's recent existing music is flashy and overbearing, just for the sake of being flashy and overbearing. Artists are trying to do too much, and failing miserably. One whack at the roots equals a thousand at the branches. Stick Figures represent the underdog in all of us. A worthy voice for the voiceless, fed up thinkers, a breath of freshness through the smoke and mirrors of mediocrity. Prolyphic, who was introduced to the world via production and guest vocals on Robust’s internationally acclaimed debut “Potholes In Our Molecules” (Galapagos4 2004) as well as his own solo “An Alarm Clock Set For 9:01” (Duck Soup 2004) is sure to be announced to the forefront of underground lyricists world wide. Coupled with seasoned lyricist and pillar of unbridled honesty, Robust, the Sticks form our fiery "F that!!!" to the conformed, stale mold which threatens to destroy our culture and soul. Stick Figures, as characters in an artwork, are a joke amongst artists. It’s child’s play; anyone could draw a seemingly simple circle for a head, and five rudimentary lines for the body. But it goes much, much deeper than that. The stick figure represents the complexities of life in a simple way, so that everyone can understand (i.e.: hieroglyphics, cave drawings). BREAKING IT DOWN, not cluttering it up. Lacking only the flashiness that is used to impress the viewer, but distracts them from the real story being told, Robust and Prolyphic profess that a snake rattles from the back but strikes from the front. Robust and Prolyphic teamed up as Stick Figures to bring back the age old unappreciated art of keeping it raw, simple and to the point… so they made a simple, raw HIP-HOP album that went straight to the point. Going to the bare bone of it all, the roots, with no make up or fancy dress cover ups, and giving it out raw to the people and what you have when its all said is done is a stick figure. No smoke and mirrors. To combat a world overcompensating for psychological short comings, Stick Figures emerge simply as those two skinny mother fuckers with big heads and deservedly so, as all shall soon see.


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