• Music and memories- meme

    3 Sep 2007, 15:28 by ecchan

    1. Open Winamp, iTunes or what ever music player you are using.
    2. Randomize.
    3. Write down the first 20 songs – even the embarrassing ones.
    4. Write a memory/thought under every title.

    1. Hybrid Children - I Wanna Be a Product
    -living in Itäkeskus in a flat that was way too small for the four of us.
    2. Misfits - Teenagers From Mars
    -Herttoniemi and my Misfits hoodie, and how I got it.
    3. Aerosmith - Trip Hoppin'
    -how come it's still places? Suvela, the crappiest place I've ever lived.
    4. Emilie Autumn - Dead Is the New Alive
    -last winter. Emilie Autumn is winter music to me.
    5. Otep - The Lord Is My Weapon
    -can't recall how I got some of this on my playlist. I can't decide if I like this or not.

    6. OOMPH! - Brennende Liebe
    -got this from Rico, probably.
    7. Gun - Vicious Heart
    -there are some other tracks on this album, which sound like that one relationship I had.
    8. Alanis Morissette - Mary Jane
    -so okay. I like this album more than I should admit publicly.
    9. Bryan Adams - Cuts Like a Knife