• The World Sings Kubota -REVIEW-

    15 Aug 2008, 22:22 by Vhazza

    You would think it wise that before buying a tribute album that you would know the work of the artist it is dedicated to. In this case, the album was purchased on the whim of the artists contributing to it before looking into the tribute artist. In a way, there’s been no disadvantage in doing so as all the songs have been translated into English. The songs chosen blend almost perfectly and there’s no disjointed feeling that is sometimes felt when songs are translated from their native language. The songs are performed by some renown artist including Stevie B. (Missing), Jon Secada (Summer Eyes), Peabo Bryson (夜に抱かれて Lost Love) and Swing Out Sister (Be Wannabe) to name but a few. So can we compare this to the original works? Well, yes as many of the artists who have contributed to this have almost stuck with the same or almost similar melody to the original, although bring their own distinct voice and style to it. The only track which seems to deviate from this is LA LA LA LOVE SONG (covered…
  • Top 100 from 1991

    30 Jun 2008, 15:23 by Vandom6