• Song Of The Week - 2nd March 2009: Triumph

    2 Mar 2009, 11:23 by GrantRS

    The Devin Townsend Band / "Triumph" / Synchestra (3) / Jan 2006

    Artist: The Devin Townsend Band
    Original Album: Synchestra
    Track: Triumph

    It's pretty transparent that I only got this album a week-and-a-bit ago since my playcount for it has rocketed. This track features a hoe-down section and a guest solo from Steve Vai, elevating it to be my favourite on the album. Devin's multi-layered vocals (and I know it's not really accurate or original to say he sings like an angel, but) sound kind of otherworldly, like a choir of twisted bi-polar angels descended from the skies and the instruments hit some soothing but still metallic grooves before Vai unleashes one of his more exotic solos that fits surprisingly well with the music but sounds very reminiscent of a couple of his recent tracks Lotus Feet and Freak Show Excess.

    This track is best listened to preceded by Hypergeek, which, in turn, is best listened to preceded by opening track Let It Roll as there isn't really much…
  • Satriani or Vai?

    20 Jun 2007, 09:42 by ShredHeadVaiGuy

    As if the question should even be asked. It’s Steve Vai, and it's not even close.

    Commonly, Joe Satriani is preferred among people who listen to classic rock and still think Eric Clapton is the best guitarist who ever lived. Steve Vai remains the favorite among those who opt for more complex or varied music. Lamentably, bad music will likely always be supremely popular, and in the same way, many people will continue to think Satriani is superior to Vai. Let me see what I can do to correct them.

    Though they have similar styles, the difference comes with Vai's superior skill, both with his instrument and as a composer. Joe is a guitarist, Vai is a musician. Satriani’s fans point to his consistency and ease of listening, products of his redundancy and simplicity. Unlike Vai, Satch is essentially just another bluesman. He doesn't have incredible chops, nor great diversity, so a lot of his stuff ends up sounding the same. Perhaps this is why he hasn't released an interesting record in a decade.