• *Begin Trasmission*

    17 Oct 2006, 13:05 by TB_Octavan

    Recently, on XM, I encoutered Lips Of An Angel lots of times; my friends that have that satilite radio only really have it on the hits station, and that plays maybe the top 40 in succession ad naseum. Anyway, I really did not like this song the very first time I heard it, but I KEPT hearing it, and it grew on me so much that I had to download it. Well, after MANY plays, I decided I HAD to check out the CD, and I was really not disappointed. There really aren't any stand-out tracks, other than the above, and Better Than Me (which I find to be a somber, heart-breaking track that I wish I wrote), but then, I have only listened once, and not on a good system. I did, however, find myself singing along with the songs I didn't even know, and that's a good sign of the potential Extreme Behavior has.

    I still have not listened to the new Evanescence CD, and I bought it the day after it came out.

    What else? I've been getting into Weezer lately. …