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There are two bands called Steem:

1) Steem - a pop/rock band from the Netherlands

2) Steem - a Swiss progressive rock band

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1) Steem - a pop/rock band from the Netherlands

The story of Steem started somewhere around June 2004. Klaus had decided to write some songs to suit Angelique's voice and feelings as carefully and as closely as possible. After more than a year of writing and recording in his home studio, Klaus had finished more than ten songs and felt pretty confident about the material.

About that time he got in contact with his cousin Theo who came by to give some tips and tricks on recording guitar and bass tracks. When he heard the demos of the tracks Klaus had recorded he was pretty amazed. Theo volunteered to add some real bass guitar parts to the recordings, so replacing the synth bass tracks that Klaus had recorded. In this way Theo had some real-life material to practice with while recording at home and maybe if Klaus liked it he could keep the bass parts and improve the quality of the demos this way.

One thing led to another and within two months more than half of the demo tracks had freshly recorded bass tracks. Klaus became enthusiastic and wanted to form a real band now. He called Theo and asked him how he felt about the idea. Theo liked the idea very much and told him he was in. Now they had to look for a drummer.

A couple of weeks later they got in touch with John. He liked the idea of playing new material and adding his own interpretation to the drum parts that Klaus had come up with. This way of working and playing appealed to John very much so he decided to join the band.

Finally, Steem was born!

(Source: http://www.myspace.com/steemband)

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2) Steem - a Swiss progressive rock band

STEEM deliver energetic indie rock with their own compositions. Pop and Disco are not to far
removed, reminding you of Muse, but also something in between Kings of Leon and Bloc
Party, while still having its own individual sound.

Two years ago they published and released their remarkable debut album "Empty Sun", at that time there were four band members. The leaving of their long time pianist, gave them an
opportunity, and now their song structure has more simplicity and accessibility. Cheeky
pounding disco beats have made their subtle entrance into the show.

Yet STEEM like to leave the rules behind, surprising you with unexpected brakes, letting you
have a breather before it comes storming back again. The band isn't easy to digest. STEEM
ask you to be patient, sit back and enjoy the longer songs and let them grow on you. A new
lightness shines more and more through the old heaviness and may even make you dance.
STEEM and its music is formed of many angles and juxtapositions, creating their own sound
and identity.

(Source: http://www.myspace.com/steemtheband)

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