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There is more than one artist called Steel.

1. Steel was a short lived project of Dan Swanö, Mikael Åkerfeldt, Anders Nordin, and Peter Lindgren. They released one EP titled "Heavy Metal Machine" in 1998. The band was a tribute to 80's heavy and power metal and features lyrics about the greatness of metal and rocking all night long.

2. Steel is a melodic hard rock band from Serbia founded in 2012. They recorded their first album, “Deo Sna” (Part of a Dream) in 2015 and got it published by the biggest Serbian record label, PGP-RTS.

3. One of many aliases for: Martin Damm

Martin Damm is responsible for an multitude of projects involved in the production of a broad range of exprimental electronic music. As well as his own labels Anodyne, Shockwave and Ozon, he produces music under various distinct guises. While Martin's best known pseudonym is as Biochip C, he also moonlights with happy hardcore mania as Search & Destroy, DJ Fistfuck and The Speedfreak and dabbles with the chilled-out journeys of Braindub, right on through the spectrum to acidic experimentation with R.I.C. and Psychic Parasite and the more house-oriented Subsonic 808.

probably best known for his splitt Cd: connected 4 - Gridlock/Steel - klangkrieg lable

No.4 connects musicians with a past. In case of the project GRIDLOCK from San Francisco it´s Industrial-EBM. But, unlike many others, they managed to step into new areas without denying their past. The result is a mixture of elegiac synthesizer melodies and a very special beat programming, introduced on their amazing album "trace" and developed on further various releases, e.g. for Hymen.
To the connected series they contribute two atmospheric tracks which just need a minimal beat programming to have the full effect.
Martin Damm aka Biochip C/Speedfreak reactivated his project STEEL of former Mille Plateaux days. The Berlin based Dj-Team Sonnenburg & Behringer called him "the man with the magic hands" and his tracks for connected#4 provide the evidence of still being this man. Two tracks of harder, electronic dance-music: one with a light industrial-touch, the other in a Drum`n´Bass style, but both combined with atypical ideas of these genres. A must for open minded Djs.

Dan Swanö: Vocals
Mikael Åkerfeldt: Guitar
Anders Nordin: Drums
Peter Lindgren: Bass

4. 'Steel' was an American hard rock band that released one self-tiled album in 1971.

Members: Carl Sims (vocals), Duane Hitchings (organ, piano, keyboard), Roland Robinson (bass, vocals), Steve Busfield (guitar, vocals), Jerry Norris (drums, vocals)

5. Steel was a NWOBHM band who released a single ("Rock out"/"All systems go") on Neat Records in 1981.

6. Steel, a DDO fan band, released an album entitled "Reflections of Crystal Cove" and released the novelty song "Kobold Still Hates You (Forever)".

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