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There are 2 bands with the name "Stardrive"

1. A 70's synthesized rock group
2. Hungarian stoner rock

1. Stardrive is a ridiculously unique rock band put together by an equally spacey musician-inventor to combat the dullness found in synthesized music. After years of living with electronic music, Robert Mason decided it was time to do something different with a synthesizer. As it was, the existing machines could play a lot of notes and make very bizarre sounds but they couldn't function as keyboard instruments. They couldn't play chords. They could maneuver, They couldn't be…FUNKY.

Experimenting with all the existing models of machinery and finding them of no use to his musical aim, Mason decided to build his own synthesizer. Two years and countless short circuits later, we have Stardrive…the first rock band on earth to feature a synthesizer as LEAD instrument. No tedious blooze guitar. No lisping vocalists. Just Mason and his extra-special, extra-terrestrial machine, zipping through fuckafide space like greased lightning. Taking you to a rock realm where the only glitter you can see is in the stars. Beyond musical cliches. Beyond space. Twilight Zone, anyone?"

2.In 2001 three ordinary musicians from the Hungarian heartlands rent a freaky, little basement near by the Karcag City Hall. The unnamed project started to put together some songs just for fun, simply killing time. After a while a bunch of new stuff came out from their hands, and they started to put more energy into the project. Their music sounded like Cluth, Fu Manchu, or other similar bands from the stoner rock scene. Finally Csaba Cselényi (vocals/guitar) offered Zoltan Mulicz (Vale Of Tears guitarrist) to join the band. Mulicz brought his heavier influences like Pantera, Down, Spiritual Beggars or even Crowbar and this kind a fusion between Cselényi and him pushed the project into another direction. (At this time still without a name.)

In 2002 they fired the rhythm section, and the former Vale Of Tears drummer Zoltán Vass showed up in the band which got the name: Stardrive. New songs became thicker and harder, but still not heavy metal and not really stoner rock either. Probably it is on the edge, like COC, or Spiritual Beggars. The band played it’s first show in November of 2003 at the Karcag Youth Club. From this time the Stardrive started to play all over the country, and in 2005 they recorded the first album Rust which has been released in 2006 by the Hungarian Nail Records and the Austrian PsycheDoomelic Records.

In December of 2005 Stardrive found the right bass player. Sándor Papp always used to be around, but for some reason Cselényi and Mulicz never counted on him as a band member. Finally Vass asked him to join the group and Papp instantly said “yes”. 2006 was a perfect year touring with the first album, and write some new stuff for the next one. They had great shows with many other bands. Stardrive opened for Wall Of Sleep, Stereochist, played with Cheef Rebel Angel, Shapat Terror, Vale Of Tears, Remorse and had a good afternoon on the Sziget Festival (Rockinform stage).

In 2007 lots of new songs had in their pocket but Vass has left the band because of family reasons. (Married, and bought a guitar.) Two new members arrived to the group: the new drummer Pál Fazekas from Vale Of Tears, and a former Dying Wish guitarist Sándor Ács. (Cselényi wanted to put more focus on the vocal parts.) The strongest line-up developed at this time. (Cselényi – vocals, Mulicz – guitar, Ács – guitar, Papp – bass, Fazekas – drums) The spring of 2008 spent with few shows, but from June they moved back to that old freaky basement to finish up the new album. The second release, "Kings And Slaves", came out in august of 2009 by Psychedoomelic/HMP.

And the band keeps going on its own way…

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