• Ghoul Desires Midcentury's Starclock

    3 Jan 2006, 22:50 by eltonito

    While organizing some CD's this weekend I ran across several friends' bands CD's. (is that grammatically correct?)

    sin desires marie - Femme . I think they drew a lot of comparisons to Sleater-Kinney, but I think their sound was more Chicago-Louisville than Seattle or even S-K. The more I listen to their CD the more I really, really like it. The only bad thing I can say about it is that the recording quality doesn't do the material justice. Now defunct.

    - I can't easily tag them and Goneaway ( would surely insult me if I gave them some lame tag. Same bassist/vocalist as above, plus her hubby brandishing a grinding, peel-the-paint-from-the-walls guitar. I like the band and the music, but I have to listen in smaller doses, or it stresses me out. Midcentury sounds hectic and chaotic, which can be exhausting. Recording quality was pretty good. The band is now defunct, the marriage is doing great.

    Starclock - - An acquaintence of mine from Nashville is Starclock (drums, guitar, bass, synth, engineer, producer) and my friends Chris and Dee were part of the "Whoop-Dang" vocal ensemble. Not my usual type of music, but every now and then I get a hankering for a few of their more memorable songs. Truthfully, it's very poppy prog-rock that showcases good writing and playing skills. This is the kind of music that I wish was popular on radio instead of the crap that is popular on radio. It's the kind of rock that both me and my dad could agree on - which might be why Starclock aren't rolling in dough. Starclock is still going last time I checked.