• hard bop & related albums (in progress)

    26 May 2012, 05:17 by kmullin

    This is a list of and hard boppish albums. Recently, i’ve been feeling for hard bop – especially albums i havent really listened to much. And, i’m hoping to learn something.

    Many are prototypical hard bop. Some are marginally hard bop. And, some are more , whatever that means. Some are somewhat cool (as in ), others somewhat . And, sometimes creeps in. In other words, they kinda make up the mainstream trends in jazz and are mostly hard boplike. But, you should always let the music speak for itself – this is just for fun. (Theres not really any here.)

    Many of the albums are classic. Most are major works of art and craft. I dont know if i dig all the albums, but most are pretty good. If you check out about a quarter of these albums, you’ll get a real good idea of what is if it’s anything at all.

    This is a long list because jazz is big. There are top 10 or top 100 lists, but this is a mother. …