• Praise your 20 least listened artists

    17 Jan 2008, 15:09 by MachineAnimal

    So.. I'm gonna start a new meme :D Praise your 20 least listened artists (that last.fm shows).

    20. Star One

    Sci-fi themed awesome progressive rock songs with nice synths.

    19. Jimmy Eat World

    Pain, Lucky Denver Mints and Bleed American are awesome songs. Many others are good too.

    18. JAW

    Alec Is Amused and Creature Of Masquerade are awesome songs. Just can't find their only album from anywhere.

    17. Fly Agaric

    A collaboration project with Infected Mushroom and Astral Projection. They only have one song as far as I know so it's not a surprise they are not higher on my artist charts. The song is really awesome.

    16. Tetsuya Takahashi

    Dunno who this guy is but he must be really awesome.

    15. Cranky

    Hyper eurobeat ftw. Cranky is really awesome. Honest.

    14. Peaches

    Fuck the pain away ftw.

    13. E Nomine

    Symphonic gothic dance pop. Really this is good stuff!

    12. The Crüxshadows

    Really awesome gothic darkwave band :D~

    11. Kurrel the Raven