• Review: Spock's Beard - X

    13 Jul 2010, 23:37 by HazyB

    The Guy Who Isn't There

    Every generation of progressive rock bands has had The One Great Line-Up Change. The classic 70's age had Gabriel leaving Genesis, the Neo-Prog wave had Fish leaving Marillion and us guys riding the Third Wave now have Neal Morse leaving Spock's Beard.

    While both Genesis and Marillion got over their respective changes of face pretty quickly (albeit in very different ways), the same cannot be said of Spock's Beard.

    It's not that NDV isn't a capable singer, or that Feel Euphoria, Octane and, especially, Spock's Beard weren't nice enough albums. Also, the Beard continued to kick ass on stage, as evidenced on their latest DVD release. All in all, the new Neal-less incarnation of the Beard was a pretty cool band.

    But the Beard plus Neal wasn't just a pretty cool band. They were damn near perfect. They weren't the most original band under the great big prog sun, but damn if they weren't brilliant. Complex and compelling…