• TOP 52 ALBUMS OF 2012

    23 Dec 2012, 15:21 by Confessions87

    I feel like it gets harder to do these every year. To really keep up with the volume of great music being released takes commitment and a real passion for discovering new sounds and artists. My aim is to hear at least fifty two records thoroughly each year. Any more than that is a bonus. 2012 was a peculiar year in the sense that I feel as though no single record truly swept me off my feet. Unlike previous years where there was a clear winner that felt life-affecting in the greatest ways possible, 2012 has been an almost clinical process of getting through the slew of new releases, amongst them multiple disappointments from long-established artists and a series of overwhelmingly surprising new releases from up and coming bands.

    I've made the decision to omit Burial's Kindred only on the grounds that it was an EP and not a proper full-length. It was far and away the greatest EP I heard this year and builds on an already stunning back catalogue. …
  • Hostess Club Weekender @ 恵比寿 Garden Hall Feb 19 Sun 2012

    19 Feb 2012, 15:55 by emicom

    Sat 18 Feb – Hostess Club Weekender


    一人アーティストということでSpiritualized以外は、lo-fiというタグがついているように、サンプリングでのループを多用していたり、演奏人数も限られていたり、またHostessの特色なのかChillwaveとかShoegaze寄りの静かな曲に轟音やアカデミックな方向での実験的、サイケな音が加わったようなものが多い気がした。終焉後に会場でかかっていたSEがMogwaiのFriend of the Nightであったのもうなずける。

    (Rugby, Warwickshire, United Kingdom, since 1990…