• Live music and the concerts I've attended

    20 Jan 2008, 23:37 by essay

    I really enjoy live music. Some of the genres of music I only like when they are played live. I've never kept any track of the concerts I've attended and I probably don't remember them all. This journal is an attempt to change this. It's mostly attended for personal references, but if anyone who reads has any hints on other concerts that I've been to or more details - please feel free to comment :-)

    I will start the journal with a chronological list of the concerts I remember and will update with reviews or short descriptions, when I refresh my memory or have the time to do so.

    Some of the concerts or events are part of festivals. Off course I did'nt attend all of the concerts in such cases and will try to add the highlights I remember sometime in the future.

    Some of the exact dates or years are missing, because I'm not able to find them....and don't have that clear memory of everything.

    I've not included a lot of the concerts with norwegian bands that I've seen several times. …