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Soziedad Alkoholika (aka SA), is a basque music group. In their lyrics they criticize with hardness the militarism, the fascism, racism or the sexism, among other topics.

It is not easy to classify Soziedad Alkoholika within a specific style of music. Thrash, Hardcore, Metal, Punk… The only sure thing is that its foundation has always been in its strength and speed, displaying a wide and varied selection of influences based on their particular style as is shown in their arrangements. With regard to their text, they have always been faithful to the music. Corrosive and explicit lyrics, full of social commitment and direct protest, have been one of its main characteristics. This irreverant attitude has brought with it certain problems with the legal system, instigated by the most conservative sectors of the Spanish State.

Nobody has been left indifferent since they formed the group. After their massive hit with their first demo "Intoxikazion Etilica" where they combine strength and speed, unusual for those times, it was in 1991 with their first LP "Soziedad Alkoholika" that they were able to surprise the specialists in their field and at the same time appeal to a wide variety of followers from all areas of heavy music. Their first official piece of work broke barriers which many had thought to be insuperable among such styles so defined as Punk and Metal, which was a salutary shock for the scene at the time.

Since forming the group, Soziedad Alkoholika has not stopped giving concerts all over Spain, America, Europe, Japan, etc. Having released 8 LP`s, it is one of the independent groups which has sold most in the Spanish market and which has had maximum audience in its live concerts.

Actual Lineup:
Juan (voice)
Jimmy y Jabi (guitar)
Pirulo (bass)
Roberto (drums)

Intoxikazion etilika (demo), DDT (1990)
Soziedad Alkolika, Overdrive (1991)
Y ese que tanto habla, esta totalmente hueco, ya sabeis que el cantaro vacio es el que mas suena, Oihuka Diskak (1993)
Feliz Falsedad EP, Overdrive (1992)
Ratas, Mil A Gritos Records (1995)
Diversiones……?, Mil A Gritos (1996)
No intente hacer esto en su casa, Mil A Gritos (1997)
Directo, Mil a Gritos (1999)
Polvo en los ojos, Mil a Gritos (2000)
Tiempos oscuros, Locomotive (2003)


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