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South Cry, a rock band from Brazil, has been stuck in the middle of no-where Brazil for more than 10 years.

The band resides in Cordeiro, Brazil (Cordeiro means “Lambtown” in English). The town is a small rural village. If you ever visit, the last thing you would expect to find is a super talented band singing American style Rock.

Daltri Barros, lead singer of South Cry, has had dreams of being a rock star since he was 15 years old. He even taught himself English by writing music in English.

The band finished their first album, Beyond Metaphor, in 2003. The album was made using borrowed instruments and recording in a put together studio. This album is now available on iTunes and is an interesting part of their history.

As the band progressed an uncle of Guill Erthall (lead guitars) decided to help the band chase their dreams. Paulo Velloso financed the making of the band’s second album “Keep An Eye On Me”. The band acquired their own instruments and recorded at a professional studio in Rio de Janeiro in 2008. However, the band still lacked any credible professional help with things such as mixing, mastering, and even producing. These elements might have been the missing ingredient keeping the band’s second album from making it big.

In 2009 an American took over as manager of the band. And soon there after the band was able to hook up with a world class producer from the USA to work with them on their next album.

Many of the top producers in the music industry were contacted. Surprisingly nearly every one of them responded back eagerly saying they would like to work with South Cry. The band manager actually had to say “thanks but no thanks…” to a 5 time Grammy Award winner and many others. It was a weird thing to do when representing a band with absolutely zero commercial success. Yet it showed how much potential the band has when it grabs the attention of so many top level producers.

After so much positive momentum the band got some terrible news. They would not be receiving their American visas. It seemed the US Government was not willing to welcome a band coming from such humble beginnings. Three visa denials led them to temporarily giving up on their American dreams and instead the band went to Compass Point Studios in the summer of 2010 to record their new album “Blue Moon”.

In May (2010) they travelled to Rio de Janeiro where they would take a flight to Panama. Incredibly it was the first time 3 of the 4 band members had ridden on a plane. Because the band could not enter the United States, they had to travel through Havana, Cuba in order to arrive to the Bahamas.

Compass Point Studios is a legendary studio located in Nassau, Bahamas. Many top artists have made recordings there including: U2, Bob Marley, Rolling Stones, Snoop Dog, Celine Dion, Puff Daddy, Li’L Kim, Lenny Kravitz, Jimmy Buffet, Mariah Carey, AC/DC, and many more.

Now the band is hoping to hit a home run with their third album. To make it they will need to get found through American radio. If they are successful they will be able to get their U.S. visas and finally make their dreams come true of touring in the USA! Look for more news about this hopefully soon


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