• A journey of musical discovery

    3 Sep 2007, 00:11 by kenec

    If your eyes are windows into the soul then surely your iTunes is is a guided tour of who you are. Back in the 80's and 90's you could learn alot about a person by looking at his or her music collection. You could go as far as you wanted, down to the finest point. How it was presented. How it was ordered and organised, alphabetically? chronologically? Autobiographically? (Thankyou Nick Hornby).

    Those were the days of mix tapes and mix CD's. It was one thing to see what a person had in their collection but another thing to see what they thought what you would like. I could never stop there though. Being the voyeur that I am I always wanted to hear what people played for themselves so I'd compare a mix tape or cd that they would give to me and a mixtape they made for themselves. Every now and then you would find an anomaly. It could be an indescrestion of musical taste or a clash of interests. but in any case you got a little closer to knowing this person.

  • Lyrics game

    24 May 2007, 14:41 by Brittus

    -List 40 random song lyrics (they're taken from Brittus' Radio Station)
    -Have people guess what they are - cross off each lyric as it's guessed.

    1. U2 - Vertigo: "It's everything I wish I didn't know/But you give me something/I can feel, feel"

    2. GEM - Good to Know You: "One day I`ll be around/Someday without a doubt/You say I`m fabulous"

    3. Got a criminal record, I can't cross state lines

    4. I'm getting fine girl, dressing up for stormy weather

    5. Anyone, caught in your mystery/Keep it angry/Keep it whispy

    6. You with your switchblade posse, I'll get my guns from the south

    7. Coldplay - Trouble: "Oh no, what's this? A spiderweb and I'm caught in the middle"

    8. People riding circles always end up at the start

    9. Pearl Jam - Garden: "The direction of the eye, so misleading"

    10. Micro waves me insane/A blaine cuts in your brain

    11. Faith No More - Land of Sunshine: "So sing and rejoice, sing and rejoice"
  • 20 random

    9 Jan 2007, 10:00 by beledra

    -Open your MP3 player.
    -Put all of your music on random.
    -Write down the first 20 songs it plays, no matter how embarrassing.
    -Add shortly what you think of each song after you type the list of songs

    Lainattu Silverf___:iltä ja käsittelyyn pääsi Nanoni.

    1. One love
    Prodigy on Firestarterin kuultuani ollut jatkuvasti mukana kestosuosikkina. Tässä kappaleessa erityisesti ne määkinälauluosuudet on suosikkiani ja rytmi sopii ihan täydellisesti pyöräilyyn ym. nopeisiin urheiluspurtteihin. Erityisen hyvää siivousmusaa, mutta en kestä kuunnella silloin kun väsyttää.

    2. She's Having a Baby
    Vähän hitaampi biisi Deep Cuts-levyltä. Ei en pidä tästä ihan yhtä paljon kuin esim. Pass this on:ista, mutta tämä menettelee.

    Tämän alun basso kutittaa juuri oikeasta hermosta. Aloitin CMX:n kuuntelun yläasteen lopussa ja tämä oli Siivekkään ja Pelasta maailman kanssa biisi, jota popitin korvalappustereoissani ystävyyskoulureissulla Saksaan. Lyriikat iskee, A.W:n laulu parasta.