• Selling my CD collection

    22 Jan 2007, 05:30 by finalboss

    I'm selling the majority of (what's left of) my CD collection. If you live in the Montreal region and are

    interested in buying one or some of these, write me a message and we can try to arrange something.

    This collection is comprised mostly of what might be called alternative. There are a few albums from other

    styles - experimental, punk, psychedelic, singer-songwriter, and metal. I've enjoyed most of these CDs. They

    are mostly in very good condition - a few in good and quite a few in like new condition. They should all play

    fine. If you can make use of any of these, let me know!

    I can't hold any CDs for anyone - they will be sold on a first appointment basis. I also don't plan on shipping

    any CDs - they're only for people who are willing to buy in person in the Montreal downtown area.

    I'll be updating the status of CDs by editing this journal. See the following link for more info and for

    updated info:

    CD Sale

  • reflecting my iPod

    19 Dec 2006, 21:51 by forty-three

    It seems like everytime I get scrobbling, I find some way to mess up my charts. This time, I got an iPod. So for the past two days, it looks like I haven't listened to anything when in all actuality I have been listening to more more more music.

    iScroggler here iCome.

    so I'm not very used to using iTunes. i finally got the iTunes plugin to work.


    iScroggler won't work.

    CDs added to my iPod in order:

    2)Beat Happening


    so I can play my music by order of year released.

    oldest song: You're a Million was released in 1980.


    my computer makes this small electronic bell kind of noise now. i'm sure that is a problem.


    a list of cds in this wallet that i haven't listened to in quite a while. i want to do this to my tapes too. i put it next to my computer... cataloguing. i'm such a beaurocrat.