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  1. Sonic Hispeed Omega is Japanese doujin music circle (later changed to Sonic Hybrid Orchestra) , formed by SHO (キセノンP)who is popular vocaloid…

  2. There is more than one artist under this name:

    1. SHO (キセノンP)is popular vocaloid producer and an acronym for the Japanese doujin music circle…

  3. Vocalist: 電子レンジ剛志(Denshirenji Takeshi)
    circle: Icarus'cry
    www: http://icarus-cry.syncl.jp/

  4. MyonMyon is a metal Touhou Project arrange doujinshi solo project from Japan active since 2007.

    Guitar/Bass/Keyboard: みょん (Myon)…

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  6. name: Fuyuki Tenge
    circle: Unlucky Morpheus
    www: http://sound.jp/ankimo/

  7. Pizuya's Cell x MyonMyon is a metal Touhou Project arrange doujinshi band from Japan active since 2008. It is a collaboration between the groups…

  8. name: nazz-can
    circle: SoundRoux
    www: http://soundroux.web.fc2.com/

  9. There are two bands under the name South of Heaven:

    1: Doujin ongaku progressive heavy/speed metal act from Japan, led by Ikuto. The first…

  10. Kokuyasou (黒夜葬) is a Gothic/Neo-Classical Metal project (with Trance music influences) from Japan and formed in 2006, with the following members:…

  11. TAM and KEIGO KANZAKI (from the doujin circle CYBER CATS) collaborated on the albums 東方バイオリンロック (Touhou Violin Rock) and 東方バイオリンロックⅡ (Touhou…

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  13. ryu-5150 (龍5150) is a Japanese composer, musician, male vocalist and lyricist.
    He's best known for making Touhou arrangements in the power metal…

  14. Tanaka Arctica is a doujin music artist who collaborated with the doujin circle Kissing the Mirror on the albums Day of the Insane and Vermilion…

  15. Wooming (born on November 13, 1986 in Hyogo, Japan) is a Japanese guitarist, bassist, keyboardist and male vocalist, as well as the main arranger…

  16. Yuji Takase, who's circle is called Magnum Opus

  17. Arranger: 高瀬 (Yuji Takase)
    Circle: Magnum Opus
    Homepage: http://homepage1.nifty.com/TAKA-S/

  18. name: Yukimura Hirano
    circle: Unlucky Morpheus
    www: http://sound.jp/ankimo/

    also listed as: yuki

  19. BLANKFIELD is a one-man metal/hardcore doujin circle from Japan, formed in 2007 by warinside. warinside arranges the songs and performs them…

  20. =NeutraL= is a Japanese doujin music circle producing Touhou arranges in various genres.
    Since May 6, 2009, their name changed to NEUTRAL2.


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