• Top 10 Week 5 AND(!) 6

    8 Oct 2005, 22:25 by shifto112

    Time for a weekly chart catch-up.

    Sep 18-25

    1 Bad Weekend 5 - I think this was suitable because the weekend concerned was fairly bad, if I recall. Nice little riff.

    2 In Between Lines 4 - This would be in my top 5 songs on my overall track chart if I hadn't tagged it incorrectly the first time. I mean, what does "In Bet" mean? Really beautiful instrumental though.

    2 Little Yellow Spider 4 - Folky acoustic song with very amusing lyrics about little yellow spiders, psychedelic dancing crabs and sexy pigs from the bearded Devendra Banhart.

    2 The Black Crow 4 - Dark, broody...damn good.

    2 Sugar Kane 4 - This is some of the finest 6 minutes of indie guitar playing I have ever heard.

    2 Drinkin' 4 - I love that little riff tee-hee. Fewer horns now but still same old RBF..

    2 Magic Hours 4 - Wow.

    2 Grandfather's Nursery 4 - I can't find this anywhere on any Pulp album! Grr.. Probably their most beautiful song, builds up to a wonderful climax "And here comes the rain.."