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  1. Bartholomeus Night, started in 1998 by T.K.O.R from Jerusalem, Israel.
    by the time he was ready to record the first Demo tape he joined Refahim…

  2. Dust Is Everywhere is an American Black Metal band based in Pennsylvania. Taking their musical cues from Gorgoroth, Sargeist, King Diamond, and…

  3. Unlord is a North European band existing since 1989. Unlord started out as a musical expression of some friends. They recorded three demos in a…

  4. Draconis arose in late 1995 summoned by Mike Pardi (guitars/vocals) and Gary Miranda (bass). Draconis immediately claimed many lives in it's early…

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  6. D-beat Black Metal from the U.S. with fucked up vocals.

    Formed in '06 under a different name.


  8. Occult Black Metal band from Illinois, USA.

    Tjolgtjar is: Reverend J.R. Preston


    1998 - Cassette 1998 (demo)
    2001 - Tjolgtjar (demo)…

  9. Satan's Almighty Penis is a two man black metal force from Iowa, USA. Consisting of Lord Sardonyx on guitars and bass and Syntax A on drums,…

  10. Death/black metal band from USA (Chicago). Released four albums:
    - 1996 - Mortis Dei
    - 1999 - Demonvoid
    - 2003 - Forward the Spears
    - 2007 -…

  11. Redneck Black Metal from Illinois.


    Reverend J.R. Preston - Vocals, Guitars, Organ
    Lewy Hackett - Drums
    Justin H. - Bass



  12. There are at least five bands by the name NME:

    1) An American black/thrash (early)/Crossover/thrash (later) band formed in 1984. Released 3…

  13. Xexyz, the 8-bit black metal side project featuring Tjolgtjar's The Reverend and "keyboards" sampled from a Nintendo Entertainment System;…

  14. Armed with blast-beats eternal and distorted everything, Teen Cthulhu brings a fucking tornado of rusty blades and hammers down upon those who…

  15. A one man (Ancalagon the Black) Black Metal outfit Hailing from the San Fransisco Bay area.

    Music: Stripped-down, simplistic, Lo-fi, tremelo…

  16. 1. A symphonic gothic metal band from Italy that has released
    2010 Darkness and Regret EP
    2013 Raw Poetry
    2015 Chasing Chimera

    2. A death metal…

  17. http://www.metal-archives.com/band.php?id=7258

  18. Black metal band from Netherlands (Rotterdam).
    - 1994 - The Seventh Winter
    - 1995 - Winter Returns... (demo)
    - 1996 - Vendetta

  19. Dead Dawn Rising is a greek band (Athens, Attica). They're playing some symphonic black metal.
    Their line-up is looking like this:
    The Grotesque…

  20. In spring 2000 Immortal Remains was formed by Hubert and Guido Dürr. A set of seven songs was composed in September 2001, so they could present…


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