• Polvet, jotka kaipaavat minua

    14 Jan 2011, 19:59 by amanthea

    Koti. Se on ihaninta mitä on. Se on turvallisinta mitä on. Se on sänky. Ja pöytä ja kaikki joka muistuttaa minusta. Ja nyt, kun olen viikot muualla, on entistä ihanampaa tulla kotiin takaisin. Tekemään tarkistusta veropäätöksistä, vakuutuksista, kauan sitten perustetuista asioista ja kaikesta siitä, mitä tarvitaan siihen että elämä olisi edes jossakin määrin turvattua ja siedettävää myös tämän kevään. Tilanne on tiukka, mutta ei vain ole vaihtoehtoja. Kalenterini on täynnä töitä, menoja ja koulua. Ja sekään ei riitä. Siksi on ihanaa, että on koti.

    Kosketuin tänään myös puheluista. Ensimmäisessä kerrottiin, että maaliskuussa asutaan minua lähempänä. Ja toisessa, että eräät polvet kaipaavat minua niin, että niitä ihan särkee (tämä on siis teoria). Minusta se kuulosti ihastuttavalta teorialta. Mun ei enää siis tarvitse lukea Kunpa joku odottaisi minua jossakin.

    Jos selviän tästä keväästä hengissä (niin, hengenlähtökin oli taas lähellä), niin palkitsen itseni. Ja palaan lopullisesti tänne kotiin.
  • Thirty-Three

    6 Jan 2008, 18:06 by ehsteve14

    1. put your music player on shuffle
    2. for each question press the 'next' button to get your answer

    if someone says 'is that ok' you say;

    L M N O

    what would best describe your personality;
    I Remember California

    what do you like in a guy or girl;

    how do you feel today;


    what is your life's purpose;
    New York

    what is your motto;

    To Me You Are A Work Of Art

    what do your friends think of you;

    Grazed Knees

    what do you think of often;

    Alone + Easy Target

    what do you think of your best friend;

    Planet Telex

    what do you think of the person you like;

    Shot With His Own Gun

    what is your life story;

    what do you want to be when you grow up;
    Multitude of Casualties

    what do you think when you see the person you like;

    what do your parents think of you;

    Love You To

    how will you feel at your funeral;

    Listen To The Radio

    what will they play at your wedding;

  • My non-politically correct top 100 album list

    20 Nov 2007, 13:26 by istanbul

    I just completed the pointless and extremely geeky project of rating all the music in my mp3-collection. Using Mediamonkey's rather sophisticated statistical functions, I calculated the average scores of each of the albums in my collection. Now, this is a completely non-pitchfork-politically correct rating based solely on the merits of each track (as judged by me). The only criterion I used was when grading my tracks was: How much do I want to listen to this song again?

    In the unlikely event that someone actually gives a damn about my taste, here's the annotated top 100.

    1. Beck: Sea Change.
    Favourite track: Lost Cause.

    The only album in my collection without a single weak track. Provides unlimited opportunity to wallow in self-pity and depression.

    2. Damien Rice: O
    Favourite track: Amie

    I realize many people find Damien Rice whiny and too emotional in the androgynous way everyone seems to fear so much these days (cf. …
  • MIX...CD

    2 Jul 2006, 18:59 by nonconventional

    1. Psalm
    2. Mistakes We Knew We Were Making
    3. Tearing In My Heart
    4. The Movement of a Hand
    5. Grazed Knees
    6. New Slang
    7. Pictures of Success
    8. Jersey Shore
    9. I Have Space
    10. Come Downstairs And Say Hello
    11. Long Goodnight
    12. Title and Registration
    13. Metal Heart
    14. The Last Last One

    I'm not sure if the shins song really feels like it belongs, or jersey shore. i know that mistakes we knew we were making is less... soft than all the others but i really want it on there.

    i made it thinking of the jets to brazil song, songs that weren't very loud and kind of sad but not songs about being happy and in love. so, i don't know, help me out. what do you think?