• DOWNLOAD :: Blalock's Indie/Rock Playlist: February (2010)

    22 Sep 2010, 03:25 by joshblalock

  • In session on my Dandelion Radio show in August: Slideshow Freak

    6 Aug 2009, 11:38 by Unwashed

    In session this month: Slideshow Freak

    At the start of 2009, I reckoned I’d be happy if three things happened. Manchester United to win the Premiership, The Labour Party to get its act together and prevent the horrific prospect of another Tory government in the UK, and Slideshow Freak to record a session for my Dandelion Radio show.

    Two out of three ain’t bad, I suppose, and the four tracks that appear in the session in August are Slideshow Freak at his very best. I can pay no one any greater tribute than to say I’m not even going to try to describe what his music sounds like. You may have heard him in a previous show and you’ll certainly have a chance to in the future.

    The session consists entirely of as yet unreleased material and coincides with the free download release of his ‘We Should Swing’ EP on the always amazing Filthy Little Angels label. There’s also an amazing collaboration with another of my show’s regulars Lord Numb, and you can hear the result of that on my colleague Pete Jackson’s show.
  • Dandelion Radio - August 2009 shows

    27 Jul 2009, 20:44 by DandelionRadio

    Andrew Morrison:
    Andy's August show includes new music from Martin Carr, The Horrors, Atomizer, The Bobby McGee's and The Steals as well as more tracks from the High Chai Recordings label. There's a timeless and dramatic movie theme tune by Klaus Doldinger; Teresa's Tasty Tips and Scott's Funky Five Minutes; and the welcome return of no less than three features: The Orchestra Hit Liberation Front, Andy's Old Chestnut and Mr Discography's New Order Jukebox. Unsigned tunes come from Document 3, Spidersleg and Raw Milk, and there's news of the "Peel Legends" month Dandelion Radio has planned for October!

    Length does matter!

    In a five-programme special, lasting 14 hours and spread out over three different internet radio stations, Marcelle plays in alphabetical order acts with songs which last at least ten minutes. For Dandelion she plays bands whose names starts with M, R, O and P. Expect some krautrock, an anti-Bush dance track, some Eskimo-music…
  • Dandelion Radio - May 2009 shows

    4 May 2009, 08:30 by DandelionRadio

    Andrew Morrison:
    Andy's May show includes an exclusive first play of all three tracks from Stylus Rex's new EP, along with Bloc Party's new single (as remixed by Armand van Helden) and new tunes from Dan Deacon, Sad Day For Puppets and Depeche Mode. Unsigned choices include a brand new unheard song from Lanterns on the Lake, The Reject Club, Bye-bye violet tapes and Block 45, as well as two tracks by Raw Milk. Teresa picks a Tasty Tip, Scott selects a cover version to fill his Funky Five Minutes, and there's a competition to win CDs including the debut album by Dalmation Rex and the Eigentones.

    Jeff Grainger:
    Jeff's Dandelion Radio Show for May is two hours packed with brand new tunes by the likes of The Second Floor Band, Sables, 5turns25, The Young Republic and Arborea. He'll also be playing a variety of older tracks by The Chameleons, Rita Chao & The Quests and Boubacar Traore
    Album of the Month is 'Why There Are Mountains', the ear-popping debut by, New York's, Cymbals Eat Guitars. …
  • In session in my May show: the Pocket Gods

    1 May 2009, 15:40 by Unwashed

    In session this month: the Pocket Gods

    Anyone with ears will surely agree that the Pocket Gods’ Lo-Fi Sci-Fi was one of the top five albums of last year. Its irresistible cross-fertilised lets-take-the-cyber-out-of-space extravaganza took us to Saturn and back and, in a solar system that’s lost its way reclaimed the values of interplanetary super-pop.

    It was therefore something I couldn’t resist when they offered to re-assemble the album’s spirit in the form of an exclusive session for my Dandelion Radio show. You can hear the results on my May show, streaming throughout the month at www.dandelionradio.com. Three galactic guitar romps all combining the energy of interstellar travel with solar-fuelled guitars and if this ain’t enough then you obviously need to take a step back into the right worm-hole and buy the album.

    Find out more about The Pocket Gods at www.myspace.com/thepocketgods

    Also featured on my Dandelion Show this month are pre-release marvels from The Chasms…
  • Dandelion Radio - April 2009 shows

    28 Mar 2009, 20:34 by DandelionRadio

    Andrew Morrison:
    There's an underlying dark atmosphere to Andy's April show, with new tracks from The Joy Formidable, Samuraj Cities, Various Production and The Race, as well as three cracking cover versions including The Big Pink tackling The Cure, and Raw Milk's take on Guns N' Roses. April's session guest is Spidersleg, who contributes five exclusive new tracks. Unsigned music this month includes Figg and Small Engine Repair, there's a competition to win Decoration singles and you'll also hear a rare New Order track chosen by fans on their website.

    It's a show of 2 halves.
    Steve first, Brian second ... or is it Brian second and Steve first?
    No hang on, we think it may be Brian first and Steve second ... or even Steve second and Brian first ...
    Oh, we don't know, but what we do know, is it's a garage sale and it's 3 hours long.
    So do join us for some retro bliss.
    Bliss that comes from CD's, vinyl and quite possibly an old 8 track cartridge machine (not to mention Myspace).