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Three men, united in ideals, have gathered to release their collective strength in the form of face-ripping, baby killing, establishment-destroying grindcore. These warriors of true grind came together at the turn of the millenium, but did not truly become the entity known as Slaughter Your Entire Local Community until the year 2008. They walk the path of true grind, shunning all the dark matter that threatens to lead them astray. They fight for truth, and justice, in a society that has all but cast these once precious values into the vast ocean of neglect. They are truly the heroes that this world needs, the ones with the ability to cure this afflicted world of its all too fatal disease. They have been chosen, under the star of destiny, to eternally silence the entities that are currently corrupting our once pure community. By following their hearts and the eternal law of grind, these young yet experienced gaurdians of grind will purge this land of its parasites, turning these vile landscapes of atrocious suffering into bright, warm fields of true grind.

The line up consists of three of the midwest's finest grind warriors. Omar "Gravemarker" Rifai, a leader, a champion, a devout follower of the eternal law of grind, his ambition drives him to produce throat-slashing vocals and blazing riffs. Born with luscious hair, a brilliant mind, and a copy of The Inalienable Dreamless in his right hand, he will lead the SYELC squad to victory with his bottomless pit of good qualities. Scott "Sexy" Agnew, with cemented hair and clenched fist, is the backbone of SYELC, slaying posers with his viscious gravity blasts and cold demeanor. Bryan "B-Ray Smiles" Davis, a perplexing enigma of colours and sounds. He is everything yet nothing, SYELC's man of mystery. The other members of the band are not even sure what he does, yet it goes without doubt that he is invaluable.

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