• radio opiumtea 04/10: stuff we like.

    10 Apr 2008, 15:10 by opiumtea

    So, this week's godawful-o'clock Radio Kat-and-Rosa had no proper theme outside of Shit We Like Right Now For Whatever Reason, and now you can see the massive (but bridge-able!) chasm in our music taste. She's floating out into that mess of dreampop/shoegaze/tinkly indie, and I'm veering off into glam-punk-bastard-land.

    rosa #1:
    the Phenomenauts // Man Alone
    Cut Copy // Hello Empty Room
    Engineers // New Horizons
    the Juan Maclean // Give Me Every Little Thing
    the Arcade Fire // Rebellion (Lies)

    kat #1:
    Flight of the Conchords // Bowie
    David Bowie // Modern Love
    Suede // Animal Nitrate
    Roxy Music // Street Life
    Japan // Quiet Life

    rosa #2:
    Autolux // Sugarless
    Favourite Sons // Hang On, Girl
    the Faint // Phone Call
    the Kills // Cheap and Cheerful
    (excellent track.)
    Cut Copy // We Fight For Diamonds

    kat #2:
    Tubeway Army // Down in the Park
    (so good. I can't even talk about it.)
    Adam & the Ants // Whip In My Valise
    (we both agree that this song taught us the meaning of the word "valise".)
  • Coachella Report

    3 May 2006, 05:12 by cognizance

    I had a great time, yet again, thanks to Golden Voice! This was my third time hitting up Coachella, and it just keeps getting better and better for me! I didn't get to experience all the sets I wanted to, but I still got to walk away with some new stuff I need to collect!

    - Saturday -

    We got a late start heading out of LA. So we missed out on a lot of great stuff early in the day. We arrived to Indio maybe around 6, and it took us a while to drive in to the venue and park. I missed Imi's set, which was a major bummer. Hopefully her next tour. *CrossesFingers*

    We finally make it inside and catch the tail end of Sigur Ros... which was amazing to watch their notes come to life with the sun setting. (I hoped they would perform then!) The most entertaining part, for me, was watching the bow strings popping off from playing so hard! My boyfriend compared their live performance to Radiohead. I haven't seen them live yet, but I hear it's an amazing experience!