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Skysent LU "2 Seconds Late" Released Dec. 2011

I’ve seen them on stage performing mostly covers or known bands… Now a couple of months later I got my hands on their debut album named “2 seconds late” and I have to say, this baby is baaad! You will find authentic hard rock sounds that will just rock your insides out! Nine tracks and almost 54 minutes of rocking the way it’s supposed to be.

Their music is simple and I say that in a very good way. They don’t try to impress with imposing solo’s and riffs. The old well known and always working recipe fits like a charm with them. One catchy riff, cool sounding melodies, a tad of lead guitar on top and of course the vocals that turn something good to something memorable! Being an authentic hard rock band they wouldn’t possibly leave out a guitar solo that will make you wanna dance on the floor! The album has the track “Few Moments” that’s a pretty good ballad that will probably escort you to some more ‘you and yourself’ times!

The production is solid and stable for the genre they follow, without any bums during the playtime.
A point that has to be mentioned is the whole artwork concept. The spread out front and back cover is exceptional but I don’t think it matches the inside artwork that much although it has great ideas such as the cd cover that pictures a clock and right behind it… well I’m not gonna say everything. Get your own and see for yourself!

Tracks that stand out are "Loneliness of my heart", “Punishment”, that has a bit of a metal scent in it but binds perfectly with the others and “Two seconds late” that I’d like to see a video for that song, featuring a long highway, Harleys and really hot chicks!

It’s definitely a keeper and in a little while it can and should be yours!

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