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The Skafunderz band came to existence in the year 2001 by three skaters from Debrecen (Peter Jonas - drums, Tamas Racz - vocal and guitar, Sandor Kiszely - bass). At the beginning they mostly played punk music to their and the other extreme sport fans' great joy. However, in the first part of the year 2002 change came to the band's life. A new member joined the formation with the first wind instrument, Gabor Subicz, a trumpet player. The new instrument took the band to a different path. Beside the punk elements, dancing ska and reggae melodies appeared, too.
The first concert was on the 14th of February in 2003, the band played before the Necropsia also from Debrecen in the Zebra club of Szarvas. The keen audience appreciated the new sound. By the end of 2003 the Skafunderz achieved to have full house performances in the clubs of Debrecen after only 5-6 concerts. This achievement was also due to the fact that the band performed at the Kotta, lake Vekeri and Hegyalja music festivals. At the end of the year a new wind instrument arrived (Nora Varga, trombone). April 2004 meant another step forward. The band got its first opportunity to perform on a large stage before the band Aurora in the Debrecen Lovarda concert hall. The Safunderz has been a regular guest at the Lovarda ever since with full house concerts.
At the end of 2004 the band's first album was produced. The album was launched at a concert on December 25 and almost all the copies were sold.
At the beginning of 2005 Gabor Subicz left the band as he moved to Budapest. Gergely Varga took his place. Soon after came the perfectly fitting saxophone player, Adelinda Csapo. The CD and the new website created this year made big progress. The band has been getting many invitations and has toured all over Hungary. In the summer of 2005 the list of the festivals grew too. The band played at the Hegyalja, lake Vekeri, EFOTT, NagySkaLand, Rude to Hell, Azfeszt music festivals and the summer festivals of Szolnok and Szentendre. This was the year when the band first performed at the Sziget festival where among 50 bands it won the public award.
By the end of the festival period it was proven that the hard work of the previous four years was not in vein. The Skafunderz got an opportunity to play before the Tankcsapda in Szolnok. Beside the national-wide acknowledgements, the town of Debrecen also showed its approval. On the 16th of August the band was asked to play on the main square for thousands of people. The band's second album, Rem, was made in the P-Box studio of Debrecen in 2005. For this the band received the award from the College of Popular Music Culture (NKA). Just like in the previous year, again the album launch party was on 25th December and it took place in the Klinika Club of the University. In January 2006 the Skafunderz performed in Germany too with great success. By this time, the Skafunderz became a regular visitor in the Hungarian clubs and festivals. In this year, the band's own radio program started, RudyRadio, with the purpose of introducing Jamaican music to the people in Debrecen. At the same time RudyRadio SoundSystem was commenced with the assistance of the drummer, Jones and the manager Pappa with ongoing parties at clubs and festivals.
At the end of 2007 the band's third album was released, called Viva la Senorita! In this album apart from the ska beats, Hungarian folk melodies are also presented in the song Citrusfa. Next February was the band's active musical life's 5th birthday which was celebrated in the Lovarda with a huge birthday party. At the concert almost 2000 people had the time of their life. Two more concerts were organised for the year in the Lovarda with similar numbers at Halloween and at Christmas.
2008 was step forward from the festivals' point of view. Apart from several open-stage performances the Skafunderz could play before Tankcsapda at the Campus Festival's main stage in front of thousands of people.
In the spring of 2009 the band's first official music video was made with the aid of Balázs Czentye, producer and Péter Tokay, director. The soundtrack of the Move It! was made in one of Hungary's best music studios, the Phoenix.
This year, besides the usual large festivals, the band opens up to Romania-Transilvania and will play at the main square of Temesvar at the ManyFest Visual Art Festival's opening ceremony.
In addition the band received an invitation from the Tankcsapda to play before them at the Sziget Festival for their 20th anniversary.


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