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CD-R only release, 2000 by Mona Compleine.
All songs by Six Inch Killaz, Copyright Control ©2003.

Full track list including actual writing credits:
1. P.I.G. (Mona C)
2. Crimson (Mona C/Jasmine S)
3. The Great Seducer (Mona C/Miss K/Jasmine S)
4. Cleanse+Tone+Moisturise (Mona C)
5. Superstar (4-track version) (Miss K/Jasmine S)
6. Shoot to Kill (Mona C/Luis H/Jasmine S/Holly C)
7. RIp Her To Shreds (D Harry/C Stein)
8. Seventeen (Miss K)
9. Teenage Whores (Luis H/Mona C/Holly C)
10. Straitjacket (Mona C)
11. Schizoid (Mona C/Jasmine S)
12. Rubber Drugette (Luis H)
13. Peppermint Cat (Luis H)
14. Velcro (Miss K)
15. Superstar (Miss K/Jasmine S)
16. White Is The Fear (Miss K/Jasmine S)
17. Jackie (Mona C)
18. Superstar (quiet version) (Miss K/Jasmine S)
19. Dogs In Heat (Toe Rag version) (Miss K/Jasmine S)
20. Too Bad (Mona C)
21. Wonderful (Luis H)
22. Trashola (Mona C)
23. P.I.G. no.2 (Mona C)
24. Disco Junky (Mona C/Miss K)
25. She Calls Angels (Miss K/Jasmine S)
26. Rip Her to Shreds / Sister Ray (Harry/Stein/Reed/Cale/Morrison/Tucker)
Bonus tracks
27. Mr. Bossanova (Miss K/Jasmine S)
28. Dogs In Heat (Talking Drum version) (Miss K/Jasmine S)
29. Shipwrecked (Mona C/Jasmine S)
30. New York (2000 version performed by Mona and Miss K) (Mona C)

This is almost everything Six Inch Killaz recorded. The album was compiled and mastered by Mona Compleine. The original quality of some of the recordings was a bit shit hence the ropey sound quality (we also can't vouch 100% for the band members musical ability)…

Songs that are missing simply because we never recorded them:
End Times, Go Go Go Go Girls, The Planet Patrol Theme, The Fashion Pages, Legend of Love (and Kisses).
Of those, only End Times is notable.

Tracks 1,6,9,13,20,21 recorded and mixed by by Chrissy Valentine Jeep on cassette 4-track, July 1995, Brandon Estate, Camberwell, London
Tracks 3,10,12,17,19,22 recorded and mixed by Liam Watson, Dec 1996, Toe Rag Studio, Shoreditch, London
Tracks 24,27,28,29 recorded and mixed on 8-track by Nick, July 1997, Talking Drum, Ladbroke Grove, London
Tracks 2,4 recorded and mixed by Mona on 4-track cassette, Oct 1997, York Way Court, London
Tracks 5,7,26 recorded and mixed by Mona on 4-track cassette, Feb 1998, York Way Court, London
Tracks 8,15,23 recorded and mixed by Robert Mune and Martin Overdog-Eden, June 1998, Big Fucking Digital, Britannia Row, London
Track 18 recorded and mixed by Mona on 4-track cassette, July 1998, Essex Road, London
Tracks 11,14,25 recorded and mixed by Mona on 4-track cassette, Sept 1998, Essex Road, London. This was the last time the band recorded together
Track 30 recorded and mixed by Mona on 4-track cassette, 2001, Romford Road, London

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