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    MEMBER : 池田直樹 (Vo.Gu.) / U (Vo.) / Maru (Gu.) / roku (Ba.)

    UNITED : 5/2/2010

    LOCATiON : Oita / Kouchi / Aomori /…

  2. Formed by Takeshi Hosomi during the spring of 2009 after Ellegarden announced their hiatus in May 2008. Their official site defines the HIATUS as…

  3. ONE OK ROCK is a Japanese Rock band formed in the summer of 2005. It was started by Toru with High School friends Alex and Ryota after each of…

  4. Kyuuso neko kami are

    Vo / Gt Yamasaki Seiya (ex セルフボラギノール)
    Gt Okazawa Kazuma (ex セルフボラギノール)
    Ba Kawakubo Takurou
    Key / Vo Yokota Shinnosuke…

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  6. Japanese Emotional Punk Rock Band.

    Guitar & Vocal 笠原 健太郎
    Bass & Vocal 井村 知治
    Drums 馬場 豊心

    They belong to Japanese indies music label.

    They released…

  7. Members:
    W-shun-Vocal and guitar
    Kobe, Japan…

  8. アルカラ (arukara) is a four-piece rock band formed in 2002 from Kobe, Japan

    稲村太佑 (Inamura Taisuke) on vocal + guitar + violin

    寺中友将 (Tomomasa Teranaka) Vo./Gt.
    小野武正 (Takemasa Ono) Gt.
    首藤義勝 (Yoshikatsu Shutou) Vo./Ba.
    八木優樹 (Yuuki Yagi) Dr.

    KEYTALK started their…

  10. 04 Limited Sazabys is a Japanese rock band that was formed in 2008 in Japan, Nagoya. They released their first mini album "Marking all!!!" in…

  11. lynch. is a metal-band formed in Nagoya, Japan in August 2004, originally playing secret lives as the session band デスゲーム。 comprised of vocalist…

  12. Hello Sleepwalkers is a Japanese rock band from Okinawa signed to A-Sketch and managed by AMUSE.

    The band consist of Shuntaro (vocals &…

  13. MONOEYES is a Japanese alternative rock band.

    細美武士 (ELLEGARDEN、the HIATUS)
    一瀬正和 (ASPARAGUS、the HIATUS)
    スコット・マーフィー (アリスター、スコット&リバース)

  14. This Japanese quartet was originally created in 2001 with the name Champagne. The group chose such a sparkling name in reference to their goals…

  15. 1.) BRAHMAN is a Japanese alternative punk band with four members; Kohki-Guitar, Makoto-Bass, Ronzi-Drums and Toshi-Low-Vocals. As their sanskrit…

  16. Vocals: 左迅 (Satoshi, born 13 October, 1984)
    Guitar: 弐 (Nii, born 22 July, 1984)
    Bass: 愁 (ShuU, born 26 December, 1984)
    Drums: Яyo, born 20…

  17. japanese pop punk band
    masato kanai (vocal & guitar)

    hiroya kakinuma (guitar & vocal)

    ib riad (drums)

    hideto yasui (bass)

    mao higashide…

  18. In 1998, Masayuki Kinoshita (Vo/Ba), Yusuke Mori (Vo/Gt), and Tatsuya Sasahara (Dr/Cho) got together to form "locofrank." The three from Osaka…

  19. Japanese rock band from Osaka, Japan formed in 2008.

    The members are:
    Taniguchi Maguro (Guitar & Vocal)
    Koga Hayato (Guitar)
    Meshida Yuuma…

  20. There is more than one artist with this name.
    1) A Japanese electronic rock quartet formed in 2005.
    2) A New York-based indie rock quartet…


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