• Playlist share #2

    28 May 2006, 02:27 by bboysgirl

    A few months ago, I did some research on music from the 50s and 60s for a writing assignment. It required that I listen to an incredible amount of music from that time period -- music that I wasn't very familiar with. By "incredible amount of music," I mean so much that I almost went crazy from it. And by "wasn't very familiar," I mean I knew close to nothing about music from the 50s. I was a little more familiar with music from the 60s, the decade in which I was born.

    My research lead me to discover some great music. I have taken my favorite songs from the research and compiled a playlist titled "50s-60s Jukebox." I like to listen to it on my iPod when I go for a walk.

    If you can listen to only one song on the playlist, listen to "Shotgun" by Junior Walker & The All Stars. It has an infectious groove. "Love Letters" by Ketty Lester has been a long-time favorite of mine.

    50s-60s Jukebox