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Digital Ambient Designs, sometimes referred to as "DAD" or "D.A. Designs" is the largest of She's albums. It's release date is stated to be 9/16/2005 but as with most of She's work not all of the tracks were made available at the same time, nor were they all available by that date.

The original tracks that comprised of DAD were "behind the broken mirror" "for lianne" and "lain's room." At the time, She had a separate myspace profile for the NIN remixes "believe" and "eye of the storm" which were later absorbed into this album. The rest of the songs were added at later dates, with the NIN remix "eclipse" being the youngest of the bunch.

This album is the darkest, broodiest of She's work. The album opens up with a mysterious narrative in the song "boot" wherein a booted figure walks lets himself into an underground laboratory or server room. This person then turns on an array of hard drives before accessing a nearby computer terminal. His last action is the flip of a toggle switch, after which whatever happens is up to interpretation. Perhaps a shift in perspective. Throughout the album a sometimes garbled but definitively female voice can be heard. This is the first time She tells a short story, but not the last.

One notable departure from typical She fair in this album is the song "Niji no kawa" which roughly translates to "It doesn't" in Japanese. The song is more reminiscent of classical Japanese music. Using the mornful flat tones of the far east, this song distinguishes itself by sticking to more traditional instruments offered by the synthesizer. This is the only song like this in She's entire library.

The last song, "Song For You" holds the record for lengthiest She song at 4 minutes, 31 seconds. It's also quite an interesting specimen, since it features what can only be described as intentional distortion that is added to give emphasis to the beat or arc. If the chronology of the album dates are accurate, this is the first song in She's library to be self-distorting.

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