• Dibder's New Music Series: Entry 4

    30 Apr 2009, 12:53 by CvaldaVessalis

    Sat 11 Apr – Röyksopp

    Will be keeping the gig review this month to a bare minimum due to the influx of new music I managed to get hold of, but needless to say, both Röyksopp and Fever Ray in particular were on fine form at London's Royal Festival Hall. At the gig's end, as the loutier of the concert-going patrons were filing out of the seated venue, most could be heard to say, with all of the eloquence of a bulldog licking piss off of a nettle "it's not the best place for a rave, is it?" I was tempted to turn around and say that, given the amount of people standing up and throwing their limbs around during the Röyk's set, it didn't really matter, but quickly remembered there was a short time window before I would have to get the nightbus back to my local pub.

    Flashing back to the beginning of the night, I made it to the venue with a little over half-an-hour for drinks before Fever went onstage, to find that I was near enough sitting on the stage itself directly above the sound engineer's desk (thank you…
  • OTR: Black Grape - Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

    15 Jul 2008, 01:25 by warren33

    While Shaun Ryder's drug abuse didn't kill him, it likely killed the Happy Mondays, and by extension, was a contributing factor in the death of the first incarnation of Factory Records. In any case, Ryder formed a new band with one other member of the Happy Mondays and Black Grape would go on the release two albums, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid being the second of those albums. Ryder would fall off of the face of the Earth until 2005, when he would appear as a guest vocalist on the Gorillaz single "DARE." Two years later, a reunited Happy Mondays would release Uncle Dysfunktional.

    Like my copy of Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches (the Happy Mondays' 1990 release), I bought Stupid, Stupid, Stupid at a used CD store out of curiosity and promptly forgot to listen to the majority of it. Occasionally, when I put all of my MP3s on shuffle play, "Tell Me Something" would pop up in the rotation and I thought it worthy song, if I needed to get a party rolling. …
  • My top 10 lyricists

    10 Jul 2007, 01:23 by Gimley

    When i said top 10, i mean MY favourites, i'm not claiming they are better than anyone else... or maybe i am, in my view. Feel free to leave a comment with your top 10 so i can educate myself. :)

    My top 10 Lyricists:

    1) Roger Waters

    2) Jim Morrison

    3) Layne Staley

    4) Paul Simon

    5) Ian Dury

    6) David Byrne

    7) Ian Anderson

    8) Marshall Mathers

    9) Shaun Ryder

    10) Eva Abraham
  • James with The Twang - Glasgow Carling Academy 21/04/2007

    23 Apr 2007, 00:16 by GrouchoMarx22

    Sat 21 Apr – James, The Twang

    Having seen James on their ‘Pleased To Meet You' tour, it was great to hear of their reformation back in January. First place for their comeback gig? Surprisingly, it wasn’t to be their hometown of Manchester. It would be the Saturday 21st in Glasgow at the Carling Academy. However, tickets sold-out for all dates in record time and an additional date was added… Friday the 20th. Now, I was under the impression that if a band was going to add extra dates they should at least arrange for them to be played after the original dates! Especially for a comeback gig! Ah well, I suppose it would be ironic that since I saw them play their second “last-ever” gig back in December 2001, that I would see their second “comeback” gig in Glasgow.

    The Twang were the support and sadly they were already on stage by the time we got there. I like The Twang. They really do have a bit of a Happy Mondays mixed with Kasabian funk about them. …
  • Barbershop MixTape - Volume II

    14 Jan 2007, 20:28 by MrModernRock

    About 9 months ago I issued my very first barbershop mixtape. I compiled it a short while after I dove head first into hip hop and I was really happy with the mix. *For those who want the tracklist, here's the journal, and if there are enough requests, I'll upload it again* Anyway, where was I. Yes, I was happy with how the first mix turned out and I've been itching to make another one, but I must admit that when it comes to hip hop albums to pull songs from, I have a limited number to select from. To counter-act this unfortunate situation, one of my New Year's resolutions was to do my best to (somehow) at least double the amount of hip hop albums I own. I ended 2006 with 25 albums, so my target number by the end of 2007 is 50. January is halfway through and so far I have ordered 5 hip hop albums from various places, so I'm off to a great start. I'm not sure how this resolution is going to affect my other resolution to spend less money on new releases...

  • Pollution you can groove the cruel summer.

    6 Jul 2006, 06:06 by shirleebee

    Since I made so many new friends & enemies in my last post, I figured, well...I might as well also post this livejournal entry on so my cyber stock can continue to skyrocket. hahaha.


    What's with SPIN's makeover? It fucking sucks!
    Beyonce is on the cover?

    EDIT: Oh God, I just found out so much shit regarding SPIN.
    I'll have to update another time about it. Let's just say: things don't look good.

    For all my "" leanings,
    I've found myself vaguely nostalgic for mainstream 90's rock circa 1994, this encompassing both sides of the pond & two disparate, inversely proportional movements: & Post-Grunge The Smashing Pumpkins [yes, a movement unto themselves]. I keep putting Parklife and Siamese Dream on repeat.

    I d/led a good portion of Regina Spektor's new album, "Begin To Hope".
    I'd say I've warmed considerably toward her, but I remain unconvinced that I will ever actually purchase her music.
    This is "Samson"; I love the lyrics:
  • A Dance Festival and Me.

    13 Feb 2006, 23:32 by Stackboy

    So I went to a dance festival. This guy who loves ska went to a dance festival WITH dance music and had a great time.

    The Good Vibrations Festival at the brisbane riverstage last saturday was a blast. A laidback festival, with great tunes and good people.

    Got to see Groove Terminator which was great, I saw him a few years back briefly at livid.

    Caught a few randoms, but none of them were particular standouts.

    One of the main reasons I went was to see Datarock. They had the simplest of setups, one lead guitar, one bass, and a guy with an ipod on a mixer. Played a great set, all the faves and a new one about molly ringwald. It was disappointing that they didn't play one of my faves, bulldozer, but you can't have everything.

    The next standout was the Cuban Brothers. This 7 piece act blew everyone away, from the starting track you had people running to the front. I was only going to catch half the act, as I wanted to see Shaun Ryder, so I left to go see him. …
  • Gorillaz Live In Manchester

    15 Nov 2005, 15:07 by Dhenry

    I've reviewed CD-s before but never a concert, and before getting even started I want to say that this was a challenge for me. I hope I managed well, but that is up to you to decide.

    Back in June 2005 when the first rumours for a Gorillaz performance started floating, it was good and bad news for me. Firstly I was thrilled because such and even is a cool thing and I was happy for it happening. But then again, I was really frustrated by the thought that this would be it - 5 nights (originally 7) in a city in England, which is literally a 1000 miles away. Getting from that point to the moment when I was infront of the Opera House in Manchester on Saturday, 5th November at 7.30PM was unbeliavable. Meeting up with great people before (and after) the show was incredible as well, believe me. Briish people are just great! We chatted for a while really enjoying ourselves and then...

    At around 9PM, the lights went down. On the right balcony, appeared the puppets - 2-D and Murdoc. …