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One year can change numerous things for teenagers. . . Their unique style is a direct shape of having dealt with all of the crazy obstacles and hindrances that have lead them to where they are today. For Seven Ages, it has always been much more than the challenges they have overcome; it has been about the excitement of creating music that they have always felt was real to them. At the outset of the band they began like most, just another local band chasing the dream of becoming the next big thing. Having released their first EP, Memory, Sight, & Expectations, the band has caught the eyes of people throughout the United States. Seven Ages' melodic patterns combined with harmonized riffs, they have achieved a catchy, yet still heavy sound. Continuing, whenever the band sets foot on stage, they embark on a journey that makes the jaw drop and leaves the audience beckoning for more. Powerful screams conceived in the legendary mouth of acclaimed "Greatest Vocalist in the History of the Universe" Trevor Roberts are comparable to the roar of a lion. However, that's not say his passionate vocals do not mix well with the dual Down Syndrome axe wielders that are Brandon Means and Billy Barber, because frankly, they just do. With that being said, the music is accompanied nicely by the slightly less than hetero look of jeans + flip flop wearing chubby bassist Brent "Burm" Burmiester. All of that combined with the drum work of pissed off ginger David Angle, who is on par with drum legends, such as Meg White of The White Stripes, have known to leave the audience with lingering thoughts of, "What the heck did I just listen to? That was awful" However, I'm sure they all mean it in a good way. Let it be known, that this band certainly does not play the style "Hardcore". They share a "More than Friends" bond with each other that works well to create music that will make you want to throw up. At the end of this year, the band has decided in a hilarious waste of money that will only be apparent after the band breaks up in 2 years, to go out to Florida and record at Chango Gridlock Studios. The band is currently in the process of spewing on paper or "writing" 4 brand new tracks for a new, yet still generic EP/Demo, that will make these five young teenagers less apparent and less worthwhile in the music industry then they once were. I recommend you bring a trash can.

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