• MINIMAL TECHNO - 200 OF THE BEST (streamable too)

    17 Mar 2008, 00:49 by Nectar_Card

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    Looking at my charts, you’d probably agree that I listen to too much minimal techno than is probably healthy. But that’s ok, I have sacrificed my health (and some would say sanity) to bring you 200 of the best minimal techno tracks that Last.fm has in its streamable tracks database.

    In truth, I don’t sit there clicking track after track, but when I hear a track I like I tag it, so I can play it back one day. So a year after having joined Last.fm and having listened to easily over a thousand minimal techno tracks, I find myself having tagged 200 minimal techno tracks that I really like and that I think represent the best in minimal techno..

    I’m the first to admit with minimal there are too many ableton jockeys trying to cash in with bland recycled sounds. But there are quite a lot of dedicated and talented producers out there who are out there pushing sonic boundaries and creating new rhythmic textures. …
  • This is Minimal Techno

    3 Oct 2007, 21:39 by Nectar_Card

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    One of the best places in Berlin to watch the sun rise is from inside the massive Watergate club, on the banks of the River Spree, in the trendy Kreuzberg district. The side facing the river towards the east is glass-plated floor-to-ceiling; between 5am and 7am, the room is gradually transformed from a dark, heaving mass of European bodies syncopating themselves to a house beat into a gloriously sunlit morning-after.

    Berlin has been the spiritual home of dynamic, forward-thinking dance music for much of the past decade, house and techno in particular; it is a hub where artistic talents converge and nascent genres emerge to spread across Europe. The combination of a famously liberal attitude towards partying and a startlingly low cost of living has made the city a magnet for art scenes of all descriptions…