• My Shows... (some recent and some very old)

    26 Apr 2008, 17:52 by carpenter78

    Boduf Songs (2.5.2013, Café Anděl, Plzeň) *** 9/10
    Jessica Bailiff (2.5.2013, Café Anděl, Plzeň) *** 9/10
    Aran Epochal (2.5.2013, Café Anděl, Plzeň) *** 7/10
    Priessnitz (22.12.2012, Malostranská beseda, Praha) *** 8/10
    Tornádo Lue (21.10.2012, π local club, Písek) *** 8/10
    Carla Bozulich's Evangelista (27.09.2012, Galerie současného umění, České Budějovice) *** 9/10
    Afghan Whigs (15.08.2012, Lucerna Music Bar, Praha) *** 10/10 (HUGE respect!)
    Atlantic Cable (15.08.2012, Lucerna Music Bar, Praha) *** 8/10
    Pearl Jam (02.07.2012, O2 aréna, Praha) *** 9/10
    X (02.07.2012, O2 aréna, Praha) *** 6/10
    Lower Dens & Jana Hunter (24.05.2012, 007, Praha) *** 10/10
    Jason Urick (24.05.2012, 007, Praha) *** 7/10
    Shearwater (13.04.2012, Chelsea, Vienna) *** 10/10
    Julie Doiron (13.04.2012, Chelsea, Vienna) *** 10/10 (sweetheart...)
    Nathan Bell (27.11.2011, π local club, Písek) *** 8/10 (banjo psychedelia!!!)
  • 05 - 2007 albs (in progress)

    29 Sep 2007, 18:55 by fjersnam

    I promised myself I'd buy nothing but "must-have" CDs. Ehhh...I can say I love it so far.
    Not too much, but still enough stuff to make a list :p
    Here we go-> no album reviews, just some offtopic mess.

    Le Payaco - Všetko sa dá zjesť
    /me studying for the term´s hardest exam (linear programming).
    /me had enough of it.
    /me turned the radio on (it was Radio_FM of course)
    /me won this cd :P
    Actually, I haven´t heard the whole thing yet cos
    the album went to my clone a few weeks later, and now another friends´s got it. I hope I´ll see it again one day.

    Bell X1 - Music In Mouth
    ahhh, my clone showed me a cute small CD second hand in Bratislava called Nepál. I saw Bellies last year in BA, it was an acoustic set and my first and last gig I´ve been to with noone at all. After the gig I stayed there to chat with Paul a bit (he called me "the great pick thief of the East", don´t ask why) so all the Bellies CDs had been sold when I came to the table in front of the Old town hall. …