• Secular Musics of South Yorkshire – Reproduction 7.0

    1 Dec 2010, 05:15 by utopiantheorist

    According to Mark Fell, this is a reconstruction of the Human League’s “Reproduction”. Even the cover states as much, with instead of showing babies, it shows microscopic cells. Strangely enough, that does a pretty good job of introducing to the music held within.

    Each piece bumps and blasts around. Glitches are a given, and any sort of interaction you’ve had with SND might better prepare you for what’s in store. Beats scatter about. Melodies are hidden somewhere within the glitching electronics.

    Some of these pieces point to the direction SND would later take. “The Path of Least Resistance” and “You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling” hint at the more energetic approach SND would follow after their several year semi-hiatus.

    The ambient tracks surprise me the most. Usually SND and Mark Fell’s projects in general work more on an intellectual rather than emotional level. So songs like “Morale” and “Circus of Death” are shocking in how tender they are.